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The Story of Mark Hofmann, Murder
and Forged Mormon Documents

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Tracking the White Salamander
  1. The Salamander Murders
  2. The Case Against Hofmann
  3. The McLellin Deception
  4. The Church's Involvement
  5. The Ink that Cracked
  6. The Documents Examined
  7. Mark and Joseph
  1. More on the Salamander Letter
  2. Boren's White Frog
  3. A Strange Offer
  4. Three or Four Bombs?
  5. Mark Hofmann Is "Deep Throat"
  6. Hofmann Confesses


Confessions of a White Salamander

  1. A Deadly Salamander
  2. The Salamander Letter
  3. Fooling the Church and the Experts
  4. Blackmail-like Documents
  5. Good and Bad Forgeries
  6. The Church's Wound




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