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After the Hearing on the Temporary Restraining Order Expansion

brianandmedia_p1thumb.jpg (6506 bytes) Brian M. Barnard (Utah Lighthouse Ministry's lawyer) speaking to the media. Jerald is behind him in the background. Todd E. Zenger (Intellectual Reserve Inc., lawyer, first chair) is seen on the far right of the picture. brianandmedia_p2thumb.jpg (5264 bytes)Brian answering questions. Jerald is in the background. Zenger's back is to the camera.
media_jeraldandbroadbentlisteningthumb.jpg (5304 bytes)Jerald listens in with Berne S. Broadbent (IRI's second chair lawyer) on the right, beside him. sandraandmediathumb.jpg (5010 bytes)Sandra in the media mix answering questions with Brian on the left.
sandrajeraldbrianandmediathumb.jpg (6128 bytes)Brian iterates a point to a reporter while Sandra and Jerald finish up an interview.


After the Dismissal Hearing

brianintervieweddismissalhearingthumb.jpg (6958 bytes)Brian Barnard (our lawyer) being interviewed after the Dismissal Hearing after he had argued these points. sandraintervieweddismissalhearingthumb.jpg (5601 bytes)Sandra being interviewed.
sandraandjeralddismissalhearingthumb.jpg (6680 bytes)Jerald and Sandra being interviewed. broadbentinterviewdismissalhearingthumb.jpg (6749 bytes)Berne Broadbent (I.R.I. lawyer) being interviewed.
jeraldandsandraposeddismissalhearingthumb.jpg (5692 bytes)Jerald and Sandra outside the Federal Courthouse.


Settlement Press Conference at Utah Lighthouse Ministry
(November 30, 2000)

Press Conference in front of Utah Lighthouse Ministry. Left to right (facing media): Jerald Tanner, Sandra Tanner and Brian Barnard. Sandra and Brian answering questions. Shot looking up West Temple.
Brian explaining the Settlement Agreement. Sandra answering questions from the media.
Brian answering questions from the media. Brian and Sandra answering questions.
The media.  

UTLM's Press Release on the Settlement.


Under the Cover of Light: News


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