Wesley P. Walters Lecture Recording

"Money Digging in New York & Joseph Smith's 1826 Trial"

1976 lecture by Rev. Wesley Walters, the man who first located the documents relating to Joseph Smith's 1826 arrest for being a 'glass looker.' He also pioneered the research on Smith's claim of a revival in Palmyra in 1820.

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Neely and De Zeng's Bills
(Joseph Smith parts highlighted.)

no68highlightedbillwholep1thumb.gif (10193 bytes)
Justice Albert Neely's bill

no68highlightedbillwholep1backthumb.gif (5275 bytes)
Back of Neely's bill
with certification of authenticity

no68highlightedbillwholep2thumb.gif (11230 bytes)
Constable Philip De Zeng's bill

no68highlightedbillwholep2backthumb.gif (5610 bytes)
Back of De Zeng's bill
with certification of authenticity


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