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February 2001
(Names and Contact Info Removed)

Feb. 1, 2001

Subject: Name removal

I sent my request for name removal in Aug. of 2000. A month later the bishop and a counselor showed up unannounced at my door, even though, my letter specifically stated no contact. When my official letter from SLC had not shown up in mail box by Dec., I called the church's record department. It seems my bishop had not processed my paper work. I called again a month later and still no paper work. I am getting very frustrated. If the COJCOLDS is not a cult, then they should stop acting like one and make certain name removal requests are completed in the 30 days specified in their own handbook.

Feb. 1, 2001

Subject: getting out

I have recently sent a letter to the LDS church, asking that my name be stricken from their records and not to be contacted by anyone from the church other than a letter stating that my wish be granted. Well I received a phone call from our bishop saying I needed to meet with him to verify my signature on the letter. How do I handle this ? Do I meet with him or remind him, I asked not to be contacted ?

sincerely _____

[Sandra's Note: Isn't this crazy! Either call him or write him and state that you do not care to meet with him, as per your original letter. You can say something like 'Please, just remove my membership and send me my letter. I am still of the same conviction that I no longer desire to be a member of the LDS Church.' Or words to that effect. You don't have to give a reason why you no longer believe Mormonism, but you can state why if you want. Just insist that they respect your wishes. He obviously knows who you are--that's how he could phone you.]

Feb. 1, 2001

M/M Tanner:

What an incredible way God is using you! Thanks for your work. ...Thanks!

Feb. 1, 2001

Subject: wow

wow, it is really interesting how much time you spent to study something you don't even believe in... i spent two years to study, teach and testify and i can tell you that i KNOW that the book of mormon is true.

Feb. 1, 2001

Don't you have anything better to do with your time? You talk about Christianity, but how Christ like is it to tear down another persons religion? You can analyze all you want, but you cannot argue with the Spirit of God. I think people of your own faith will respect you more, and that your time would be better spent if you stopped trying to ruin other peoples convictions.

Feb. 2, 2001

Thank You for all that you are doing to proclaim the truth!! I am the only one on my side of the family who has come to know the Lord (so far). There are many that love him yet walk in error. Thank you so much.

I look forward to reading the material. It is very informative and encouraging (in the sense of not just accepting their choice but wanting them to come to the truth because they are lost).

Feb. 3, 2001


I just viewed your website and wondered if you really woke up from your dream. Do you really think that people take you seriously.

If I was not a member of the Church and seen your website I would wonder if you have a few loose screws. I have studied a lot of anti Mormon junk and find it all the same.

Why don't you publish information about other churches? I have researched them as well and the murder and rape and greed and immorality is quite abundant.

I can't even comprehend why you would take an ordinance of the gospel something sacred to another human being and distort and out right lie about it and then claim your a Christian.

Let me ask a question, what have you done to show the world that Jesus is the Christ. The majority of the world are not Christians and you put out garbage about our religion.

The church will grow and grow and grow and grow there is nothing that will stop the work. You on the other hand will not even be remembered. You honestly think that your doing something noble or worthwhile. The Savior taught us to love one another not to persecute each other.

It seems like you really missed the boat. In the Savior's time who did the persecuting. At the time of Noah who did the persecuting, and so on and so on. Now we look at our time and who is doing the persecuting. Do you think there is a pattern here. Think about it. No, I mean really think about it.

Why don't you spend your time doing something positive? I think you would be so much happier. It seems from your website that you are very very unhappy.

How much money do you spend putting people down. Why not use it to build people up help the poor and the needy and the sick and the afflicted. I think that if you did when you got on the other side the Savior greet you as a friend.

When you stand before the Savior what are you going to say. Hey look what I did I persecuted people and took something that was sacred not secret and really told lies about it. What a difference I made. I really put people down and I know you will be pleased.

What about your children and your grandchildren what have you left them. Why don't you help people not hurt them?

Well, I know this probably will not make much difference to you but then again maybe it will.


Feb. 4, 2001

Subject: Thanks

Dear Sandra and Gerald,

I am a born-in-the-shadow, Grandpa was a polygamist, non-believer. I tried for years to get the church to stop bothering me and had absolutely zero success at it. After reading your pre-ban insights into the methods used by the church and the methods to be used to counter the church I succeeded in getting them to leave me alone. While I don't know if they actually took me off the rolls as I requested, I am pleased to say that I haven't had the missionaries nor the ward authorities dropping by my home for a year now! Thank you!

I haven't seen any recent news about the churches attempt at suppressing the information you had on your web-site! How goes the war, or have they managed to control your ability to even speak about the proceedings?

I do wish to thank you for making objective and insightful information regarding the church available.

Just for the record, you are not responsible for my "fall from grace," I always had questions, I was thrown out of my final year of seminary for asking "If GOD is omnipotent, can He make a rock so big He can't pick it up?" No sense of humor was shown, no understanding of a youthful try at rhetoric, I was simply summarily dismissed and informed that I would not be allowed back in. All you have done is provide me with actual historical documents that have allowed me to form my own opinions. Thank you.

Feb. 4, 2001

I am a Christian in the Bay area who frequently travels to the SLC area. ...The Lord has impressed on me primacy of love in reaching out to LDS members. This was in the midst of me ready to pounce on a young LDS missionary who was sharing with me as I waited for on opportunity to "set her straight". "I just need to love her". I have followed that rule over the past year and it has enable me to have some open discussions with members & missionaries, which hopefully will produce Kingdom fruit.

I have been somewhat concerned since then about the animosity and almost hatred that characterizes much of the preaching and teaching regarding the LDS. However, I myself am still in the early stages of learning how to confront deception with truth, and the deceivers/deceived in love.

Thanks and God Bless you!

Feb. 4, 2001

Greetings, I just ran into ur articles on the internet and am quite intrigued. I have been investigating the LDS church for about 6 months and have my share of doubts, I have personally prayed and to the best of my knowledge received a pretty straight forward answer. After reading ur information I must admit that I now have serious doubts, serious enough to not get baptized next month as I had planned. U appear to be a knowledgeable person and u present ur arguments with facts and background info. I feel a strange sorrow mixed with profound gratitude,

...This won't be easy, but I take comfort that others are turning their backs as I am. I won't be alone in whatever consequences come my way. I appreciate the time u have taken in your research and writings.

Sincerely _____

Feb. 4, 2001

Subject: I finally am getting my name and 2 of my children's names removed.

I just wanted to share with you that after (what is probably small for you) a 4 month struggle, I got a letter today from my branch president telling me that effective March 1st (5 mos. from my eyes being opened) my name and my 2 oldest children's names will be removed from the LDS rolls. It's been a long 4-5 months and it is finally going to be over.

I have certainly learned a lot! I am a lot closer to God now and actually experience answers from him and direction. I felt so alone, depressed and out in the cold before. I am just so thankful!

Feb. 6, 2001

Subject: God bless your efforts.

I just wanted to take this time to say God bless to you for all your efforts in helping to spread the gospel to those in need of spiritual direction. We all have a role to play in this vast arena of Christian evangelism and I commend you for your great work. God bless you for helping people and for your many endeavors to help spread the Word in relation to the Holy Bible. It is vital that everyone is given the important biblical information which may help change them for the better. It is vital that we as Christians continue to preach the Word of God to all who will listen...for we evangelize in the hopes of bringing more closer to God. Bless you for helping to achieve this-you truly are providing a valuable service to all who come in contact with your work.

Prayer is vital for it must be used to counteract the struggles which the enemy throws our way each and everyday. Please if you have time pray for my struggling ministry and the reconciliation of my family as I try to reach alcoholics and drug addicts. It is tough, but I do my best and leave the rest in God's hands...Many years ago I was an alcoholic and today it is my mission in life to help alcoholics and drug addicts come to the realization that true freedom may only be obtained through Jesus Christ. I truly do appreciate all your efforts. I will definitely be praying for you and your good work. May the Lord continue to bless you and all those around you. ...

Feb. 7, 2001

Subject: help a stay at home mom


I thank God for any help I can get in the pursuit of glorifying the true God by witnessing to anyone knocking at my door with a false doctrine. I am a stay at home mother of 3 children 4 and under meeting alone with Mormons. I do have the book by James White (Letters to a Mormon Elder), which is helpful.

Feb. 8, 2001

Subject: Ex-mormon struggling to heal

Hi, [I] have served for 20 years in the 'tangled web' of deceit and lies which is called the mormons. I was a Relief Society 2nd Counsellor, Primary President, Primary Teacher, gave talks, Publicity Officer etc. Paid my tithing regularly. I want a refund as I paid under false pretenses. They said they were the one true church and they lied so I want my money back - extortion! They lied about who Jesus Christ is and who our Heavenly Father is. They lied about Joseph Smith being greater than Jesus and they lied that Adam is our God.

They made my life as a woman difficult to unbearable and they abused my children. (I was a single parent for many of my years in the Church). When I left the church I received hate mail of the most despicable kind from a 'brother" I had met only once.

Why won't Mormons look at whether the BOM is really in harmony with the Bible? Why won't they read their bibles and find out what Jehovah has really said there and what Jesus has taught. Especially about polygamy and racial harmony.

...I am exhausted speaking to them. It is like beating my head against a brick wall. Why has the church not discontinued [the Book of] Abraham - which is only a copy of Moses except it has 'we the gods' instead of 'I god"? This is only a copy of the Genesis of the Mason's bible. Smith never had an original idea in his life?

...The truth is precious and the mormons have put their very salvation on the line by putting Smith above Jesus and our Heavenly Father. Why won't they listen to facts? ...Thanks for info to assist me out into the light. I am adjusting my eyesight to let in more light but it is painful and slow process.

Feb. 8, 2001

...I admire your work and courage. Having been LDS I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you all to continue your ministry in Utah. Your lives would be much easier in another locale. Keep up the good work. ...

You all were very instrumental in my leaving Mormonism. I had read Brodie's [No Man Knows My History] book (which I got by B. Dalton doing a search and locating it for me) and wrote to you all and got more info. I purchased several books from you which proved very helpful. It was hard, but I made the break. This was 10 years ago, and the missionaries still keep coming. You would think that by now they would have given up.


Feb. 9, 2001

Subject: Encouragement

Hello. This is just a quick letter to encourage you. I am a born again Christian, and have never been LDS. About 14 years ago I was very active in acquiring all the information I could on the LDS faith, and your ministry was where I went to get it. I really haven't been too involved with your ministry in several years. But, I've thought about you often.

At several Bible studies over the last years, it seemed that almost all of the people coming out of Mormonism had had some contact with UTLM.

The other night we were out with some of our Christian family. They had come out of Mormonism about 3 years ago, and are growing strong in the Lord. Your ministry was again brought up- how you had been a great resource (and still were) in their whole LDS/Christian situation.

That evening God showed me that I needed to pray for your ministry, and to encourage you. That's what I hope to be doing now. He is using you mightily, and whether or not you know it, you have been a tremendous witness and help to many- those leaving the LDS church, and those desiring to witness to the LDS. Stay strong in the Lord, He is, as you well know, so sweet and faithful. I will continue to pray for your ministry. It's great to know there are people the Lord has raised up to mightily speak forth His truths. With you, longing to see Him face to face, with His sweet family of believers.

Feb. 11, 2001

Subject: Baptism of the Dead


I am not Mormon, and knew very little about them until I began finding my direct ancestors, who were Anglican (1650 Virginia) and later United Methodist in Tennessee and also discovered my mother's Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Pennsylvania Amish baptized, endowed, sealed to children or babies in the Mormon religion.

To date, I have discovered 525 ancestors. I began doing some checking on who the individuals were that were turning in my ancestor's information, and I am convinced, they are not genuine relatives, but Mormons going through county and state death records. I have confronted Mormons about this, stating I feel they have no right to invade genealogy using it to secure the dead in the afterlife that had no relationship with the Mormon religion. Their explanation is, it means nothing, but I think they are bold face lying to me.

I have a friend who is Jewish, and she told me the Mormons are sealing her relatives in Austria, that died in the Holocaust. The Mormons got hold of the names when they were released to the public. She said there are no Mormons related to her Jewish ancestors. She said the Jewish race are very upset about this. I feel the Mormons are exhibiting an attitude that is underhanded, showing the World if they can't convert the living, they can convert the dead that has no control to say yes or no. Can you tell me what this dead baptism means?

Are the Spirit Children or Babies, products of God Elohim and his infinite Spirit Wives on Kolob? I am wondering if the Mormon men can perform proxy marriages on women that are still living and not members of the Mormon religion? Your web site is very informative, and well put together.

Thank you,

[Sandra's Note: Sorry, there is nothing legally you can do to stop the LDS from doing their baptisms for the dead for your dead relatives.

They believe that Mormons who have died and are in Paradise are sent to the Spirit Prison, where non-LDS go after death but before the final judgment. There the LDS preach Mormonism to them. Then these Spirits, or dead non-LDS, have a chance to accept Mormonism or reject it. The LDS person here on earth hopes all the dead people they get baptized for will want to accept Mormonism. After the proxy baptism, someone will go through a proxy temple marriage/sealing for the person as well.

If LDS man marries in the temple, gets a civil divorce he can remarry in the temple and thus have two wives in heaven. Or if he marries in the temple and his wife dies, he can remarry in the temple and have two temple marriages for the hereafter.

If an LDS person is doing temple marriages for the dead and he finds that his aunt, for instance, was married to three different men during her life, they would seal her to all three men and then later God would decide which marriage for eternity is valid. However, if your dead uncle was married to several women during his life, you could seal him to all the wives and he would be a polygamist in heaven.]

Feb. 11, 2001

Subject: The Truth

Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

You will never know the book of Mormon is the word of God by proven facts (although there are many). Heavenly Father would never have it that way. He wants you to show your faith in Him. Have you asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true? If not. why? Do you have fear?

Heavenly Father is a God of Love and surely he cares about you as well as all His other sons and daughters who seek the truth. Go straight to the source of all truth- God. When He answers you won't have to have doubts about Joseph Smith or if the Indians didn't live a certain way etc. You'll just know because Heavenly Father told you so. Read Moroni 10:3-5 for a promise to all those who seek sincerely to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We love and care for you,

_____ ______ (Returned Missionary from Brasil)

[Sandra's Note: Actually, Jerald and I both prayed and prayed about the Book of Mormon, having read it many times. God showed us that it was not history, that it is actually Smith's novel written in the 19th century. We were raised LDS but after much prayer and study, left the church when we were shown by the Holy Spirit that Joseph Smith was a false prophet.]

Feb. 12, 2001

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Tanner,

Thank you for what you are doing and may our Heavenly Father greatly bless you and your ministry.

I am a house wife who is frequently visited by many different cult members. I spent almost 1 year trying to minister to jehovahs witnesses and I am now in the process of trying to minister to 3 young mormon men. this is a ministry that has been deeply planted in my heart and I am so thankful for people like you who step out and make this valuable information available.

Feb. 12, 2001

dear friends

you are really a brave organization. i mean being anti-mormon in Utah is not a piece of cake. you do light many confused paths. thanks for your site where everybody finds help in difficult moments. i am catholic, but i think you are the best about mormonism cult. thank you again and go ahead.

Feb. 12, 2001

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Tanner,

I too was born into the Mormon religion as one of my great grandfathers was Joseph Bates Noble (friend and as I was told body guard to Joseph Smith). I was excommunicated from the church in 1987 and through good and hard times I have recently been born again. Your documents that you provide has been so eye opening for me as years earlier even after being excommunicated I still had drilled into me the need to somewhat defend the Mormon religion.


Feb. 12, 2001

Subject: I need help!!

I am a Member of the Mormon church and have been a Christian years ago. I have been a member for 7 yrs and now I have just left, I was very active even served a mission. I am going to a church but I am not getting any guidance or counseling ...I never thought it would be this hard.


Feb. 13, 2001

Subject: A funny/strange LDS experience

...I want to tell you about one of the funniest and strangest things I've ever come across with LDS people. This is so weird you'll probably think I'm making this up. In fact I wouldn't have believed this myself if I hadn't experienced it first hand. Here's what happened--

For Christmas 2000, I received a present called "New Mormon Studies CD-ROM" sold by Signature Books. This is a comprehensive resource library with over 960 LDS related books on it. One of the collection of books on it is all the volumes of the "Journal of Discourses". While searching this set of books, I came across a sermon by Brigham Young that he delivered in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City on July 24, 1870. The reference for this sermon is in the “Journal of Discourses” Volume 13, page 271. In this sermon Brigham Young talks about people who live on the sun and moon.

Here is what it says--Brigham Young first talks about the inhabitants of the moon and then says:

"So it is with regard to the inhabitants of the sun. Do you think it is inhabited? I rather think it is. Do you think there is any life there? No question of it; it was not made in vain. It was made to give light to those who dwell upon it, and to other planets."

Now, after I read this I thought -- Oh well, Brigham just didn't know what...he was talking about. I just figured there were a lot of strange ideas like this in Brigham's day, but of course everyone today knows that no one could possibly live on the sun and moon -- Right?

So just for fun, I decided to print out Brigham Young's remarks on paper and hand it out as a sort of survey to several of my active LDS friends to get their response. On the top of the paper I wrote: "Please explain the following statement by Brigham Young". Below his statement I provided space for them to write their answer.

Some people wrote down their remarks, while the others told me verbally what they thought. OK, here's the strange/weird/funny part (I swear I'm not making this up). Most LDS I gave this to said there probably are people living on the sun and moon! They think that since it was taught by a Prophet of God, then it has to be true. I've listed below some of the comments I received.

(Note: These comments did NOT come from uneducated young kids, but people between the ages of 35 to 50 who are well educated).

"Since we really don't know if there's life on the moon or not, then Brigham Young was probably given a revelation that there is life there".

My comment back-- "But ____, we've already sent several Apollo missions to the moon and had lunar satellites images mapping the entire surface of the moon. Why haven't we seen any of these inhabitants?"

"Because they probably live inside the moon."

"I believe there is life on the sun."

"Perhaps before the sun was hot, it was a place where people could live or maybe Brigham Young was thinking of the future. After the sun dies out maybe it could be a place where people could live."

This [another] guy took it to his Bishop. His Bishop told him not to worry about it since it wasn't really important, but just to always remember that the leaders of the Church would never lead the Church members astray. His Bishop then gave his "inspired" interpretation of Brigham's statement. He said the word sun should have been spelled "Son" and inhabitants really meant "followers"--thus what Brigham was really talking about was the followers of the Son of God. (I've read all of Brigham's talk on this and it doesn't mean this at all and no one else I told this to thought this Bishop was right either). ____ then told me he believes there could be heavenly type resurrected beings who live "inside the sun". (This sounds more like hell to me)

To add even more "weirdness" to this story, I've recently come across a book (published in 1990) called "People in Space" by LDS author John Heinerman. This book tries to convince the reader that there are indeed people living on the sun and moon. The book gives all the LDS church leaders statements about the people who live on the sun, moon and other planets such as Venus. There's even a picture of a stone carving in the book that Joseph Smith had made of what he said the people on the sun look like. The book's author who's supposed to have a Ph.D. really believes all this.... What do I think of all this?

I've been laughing my butt off every time one of my LDS friends tries to explain to me in all seriousness and with a straight face that there are all kinds of people running around on the sun and moon. Also, John Heinerman's book says the moon people look like Quakers and are using wagons like the pioneers for transportation.

What I think this shows is that no matter how crazy an idea might sound, even if all of modern science has proved it false, that whatever a leader of the LDS Church says, it is believed by many LDS who don't know how to think for themselves.

I'm beginning to think I'm the only sane LDS person left in Utah County. I'm sure glad for the LDS people that one of the "Prophets" didn't say our earth is flat or that Godzilla lives in the Great Salt Lake.

Feb. 13, 2001

Dear Mr and Mrs Tanner

I first "met" you while watching a video that my church watched together one night (The Mormon Puzzle- from the North American Missions Board-SBC.).

I more recently visited your Lighthouse Web site after reading the U.S. News and World Report article, "The Mormon Way" on the Web dated 11-13-00.

I was so touched after reading your testimonies that I just wanted to drop you a line expressing my love and encouragement for both of you.

I too was raised in the Mormon Church and can relate to so much of what you shared. Praise be to God, our Lord Jesus Christ that now I know The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Last night I shared with the Baptist Women on Missions from my church my own research about the Mormon Church. I found many old books printed by the LDS church that my dad had collected over the years. I was just fascinated by some of what I read. I agree with you that many people in the Mormon Church do not even know the true facts of what the "prophets" claim to be revelations from God....God bless you both.

I am sincerely yours,

Feb. 13, 2001

Subject: Thanks

Just perused your site again and was again impressed at the wealth of information you have here. Thanks so much for your ministry that the Lord is using to get the truth out!

Feb. 14, 2001


I wanted to thank you for your help. I believe when I was living in Salt lake you were the one that I talked to on the phone and gave me guidance. That was about 2 yrs ago and now I have just left, thanks for helping. ...

Feb. 14, 2001

Dear Mr and Mrs Tanner, First I want to thank you for your extensive research!!! Your ministry was the primary doubt I first had in my birth faith. ...Obviously I am an ex mormon, I consider myself a born again Christian and I believe that religion and dogma have no place in a relationship with our Lord and Savoir Jesus. ...In Christ

Feb. 14, 2001

Hi.....I want you to know that I am an ex-mormon. Latter Day Saint if you want to be technical. I had a friend that was a Mormon and she asked me if I would like to become closer to God.

I was brought up to be a southern Baptist....so I said sure why not...you can never be too close to God. She took me to a family's house where the discussions would be held. They were the nicest people that I had ever met. They welcomed me with open arms and treated me like I was family.

My parents did not agree with this practice and they told me numerous times that I did not need to be a part of their cult. I thought that maybe I should just give it a trial run and see how everything went. I went to church a couple of times and I was the talk of the whole branch....even the ward. I thought that I had finally found the place that I belonged. I thought since I came from a small southern town that the sayings about the church were just because of ignorance.

I took the lessons and I had a lot of question.....what I remember of what was said to me by the missionaries has become very vauge. They told me that all I had to do was pray to God and ask him if this was the only true and living church on the face of the earth....I did so, and I felt that I was in the right place. There were so many nice people there and I have to admit that I loved all the attention.

I was baptized and I have to say that it felt great. I felt that I was closer to God....but maybe now it was just that I thought I was. As I progressed into the church I realized that it was not all that it was cracked up to be. They seemed to hold what I know as to be preaching...as a business meeting....then all the members of the church were separated into groups and we all went off to learn our different meanings to life.

I have always been taught that no one is perfect, and that no one will ever be held as high as God. Better yet, they will never become gods. There is only one God in Heaven and there is only one Heaven. And you do not get there by the deeds that you do for other people. You get there by keeping the commandments and living your life for God. ...

I want you to know...there are many ways that the elders try to pull people in, and sometimes, people are just hard headed. Even if I had read this [the web site] a long time ago, I would probably have still given it a shot.....but I do have to say that your warnings are excellent and right on the money! I just wish that I could have read this site before my final decision. It would have given me many different points to look at before I jumped into things so blindly.

All though I am not a member anymore, there is a family that goes to this church that I love dearly. I would love to get up one Sunday morning, go to church and see them sitting in the pew waiting to listen to our preacher! Who by the way really knows what he is talking about!

Thank you,

Former Psuedo Christian

Feb. 14, 2001

Subject: LDS lawsuit

Gotta love it!! Haahh Ha Ha rofl!!! Go for it bro and sis!

Yours in Christ,

Feb. 15, 2001

Dear Sandra

...It's painful emerging from the false doctrine. I am trying to help others to get out. One is listening but trying to get me "back in the faith" - now she has accepted that Jehovah and Jesus are Father and Son BUT the missionaries went to see her. She says they mean that Jesus is like Jehovah and they could not possibly be teaching they are one and the same. Even though I got her to read Bible Dictionary on Jehovah she shook her head and said it is a mistake and that Satan is trying to wreck the true church. My heart aches to free her and others.

It is so good to be out and to have a personal relationship with the Creator and fully appreciate what Jesus Christ did for us all. Why doesn't anyone question the D&C where Smith says he saw in the temple Elias and Elijah, Isaias and Isaiah (four persons). Yet we know that Elijah and Isaiah are Hebrew names of prophets and in the Greek text (New Testament) Elias and Isaias are the greek versions of the same names. So these two people became four in the visit to the temple!!! Mormons say that Elias was an OT name of someone who advised Abraham. I can't recall any Greek advsing Abraham - surely such an important event would have been mentioned. As for Isaias they make no comment. Surely 20 million people can't be blind to this? Elohim is a title not a person. The pagan god Dagan is referred to as Elohim in the bible. It conveys the meaning majesty.

...What a tangled web Joseph Smith has woven with the help of those men. The church leaders absolutely must know that the church is not the one true church and that ...Smith was a false prophet simply by reading Church History and looking at the facts. They must know that the Book of Mormon is false. Why, why, why don't they save the 20 million by telling the truth?

Thank you for all the work you do in helping us to get disentangled. I am sure it is very rewarding. I am hoping to help others too. Much research and bible study has helped. Jesus comments on marriage and Jehovah's word on marriage absolutely slay the adulterous Joseph Smith's teachings on the subject.

Every cult leader sooner or later gathers all the best females of the flock for himself - it is a pattern. Every false prophet alters THE WORD to accommodate his own desires and weaknesses.

Feb. 15, 2001

Subject: Please I need help!!!!!

...I'm a Pastor ...here in Brazil and I was looking for some help against the Mormons when I found your Page! I was extremely happy ! You brethren surely have a good stuff!...The people of my congregation are being deceived by them [LDS]. ...People need to know the truth!!!!

truly yours,

Pastor _____ ______

Feb. 15, 2001

Subject: liar

You are a liar. Plain and simple. Blinded by Satan and men. Joseph smith is a prophet. Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet of God.

You know that this site is full of lies. And you are teaching it. You not only destroy LDS beliefs in weak individuals, you destroy their faith in Jesus Christ our master. Do you really believe you are about his work? Live the teachings of the church for a month, seek for truth, I can tell you are not seeking for truth, just lies. This is not a sincere heart. You have published this testimony, and it will stand against you in the last day.

I have lived a full life. Through experiences in my life I know that God is real. He sent his son Jesus to take upon himself our iniquity, if we will follow him. He has called prophets throughout time. I know that Joseph smith is his prophet, as is Gordon Hinckley. My brother, the Book Of Mormon is true. If you abide by its precepts you will gain the necessary faith to return to live with him in his glory. I hope the best for you.

In the name of the Holy One of Israel I demand in his name you profess you're lies to the world, and repent. Turn aside and begin anew, or face utter destruction by God at the last day. It hurts to see someone so blind.

Las Vegas Mission 97-99

Feb. 15, 2001

Subject: Thank you

After reading the latest Salt Lake City Messenger I found myself recalling my own journey to have my name removed from LDS records. It was difficult and took many letters and visits, but the day we finally left the Bishop's office was one of the happiest days of our lives.

A couple of years after my wife and I left the church I discovered your ministry. I visited the bookstore and read several books including "Mormonism-Shadow or Reality." It's amazing how much information I didn't know about the LDS church.

I wanted to share this information, but it's very painful for anyone to look at truth when you know it's going to cause pain. I went from being angry, sad, uninterested and now hopeful for those who are sincere in their LDS faith. I've actually met both of you and have nothing but deep admiration and respect. Your faith, and simple lives are the strongest testimony for Jesus Christ. God bless you and your ministry.

Feb. 16, 2001

Subject: Keep up the good work

I recently received you're messenger in the mail. Thanks for sending it. It mentions the LDS church is suing you guys. ...The truth scares the hell out of them. ...Keep up the hard work to show open minded people what a charlatan Joseph Smith really is.

Feb. 16, 2001

Hi! ...I am a 20 year old college student ...in Lubbock, Texas. I love the Lord with all my heart, and I truly appreciate your ministry to the LDS church. This past year, I had 3 good friends and several acquaintances leave town to go on their two year LDS missions. I knew I needed to try and witness to them somehow before they left. I did get the opportunity to share with two of them, but I didn't know anything about the mormon religion.

My friends left, and I felt really sad that I wasn't able to share with them the love of the true Christ. ...I have now studied the mormon beliefs, and know a lot more than i used to. God has left a genuine burden for the Mormons in my heart...

in Christ

Feb. 17, 2001

I have been visiting your website trying to get some information.....I have been a member of the LDS church for 8 years. I have served as a Branch president, A Counsellor in the District presidency, Director for CES in [foreign country] (seminary and Institute programs, participated in translating the Book of Mormon to [my native language], I was in Salt lake City in the Temple for one month translating the temple ordinances into [my language]. I quit the church in January 31 2001.

Kind regards

Feb. 17, 2001

Dear Jerald and Sandra:

I received a copy of the SLC Messenger last night in my mail and I have the need to write to you. The Feb. issue is the first that I have heard of the Mormon Church attack on the ministry.

I have tried for 5 years to have my name removed from the mormon church to no avail. I contacted friends that knew others who have asked for their names to be removed and how they did it. I was told I would have to sue the Mormon church for my request. This route I believe was not what God would have me do.

I searched the internet for my answers. I came upon your site and other sites that had the precise instructions on how to remove my name. I visited and read from not only your site but others as well. Hence I marched across the street on a Sunday morning to the neighborhood mormon church. I wandered around until I found a bishop's office and knocked on the door. It was answered.

I told the bishop standing in front of me that I wanted my name removed from mormon church records immediately. The bishop immediately hurried me in the office and preceded to question me as to the request as well as repercussions and church court. I told him my story of coming to leaving the mormon church and that I wasn't scared of a mock "court" that held no power to uphold laws or delegate justice. I was told to prepare a letter and deliver it to him stating my request and that I was a married woman of "sound" mind. I produced the letter and delivered it. I had hand delivered to me by two men in suits an envelope containing a letter stating that my "baptismal blessings have been revoked as well as any eternal blessings".

My thanks and God blessings on you for making this information possible to mormons and ex-mormons alike. Thanks for fighting the good fight and preserving internet freedoms. It really is too bad that this case could not have gone further.....but that is not what God wanted at this time. ...I will pray for the ministry and continue to lead mormons to know Christ.

God Bless you,

Feb. 20, 2001

... I am a retired Army Chaplain who had many friends who were/are Mormon chaplains. Their claims to being Christian pastors amazed me. Prior to entering the Army Chaplainry, I almost got run out of town when I began addressing the false teaching of the Mormon from the pulpit of the church I was pastoring...What was most astonishing, was that some of the most antagonistic were members of the church board!

God bless you, grace and peace to you

Feb. 20, 2001

Subject: Thank you

I stumbled on your website almost by accident. I am glad you are here. We have been questioning the validity of the mormon church since our conversion 5 years ago. We have just sent our exit letter to our bishop today and a copy of the same to the records dept in SLC. Your site has proved to be a valuable resource.


Feb. 20, 2001

Subject: Website

I have been on the mailing list for the Messenger for quite a number of years now and I thank you for it. I just received the latest issue today in the mail and it contained the URL for your website.

I guess that living in the "Crossroads of the West" has its advantages, you seem to have happened on a top notch website constructor. The site is easy to navigate, visually appealing, informative, and representative of what I know to be your long-standing mission.

I especially like the segmented message boards that helps to keep the things on-topic. I doubt that I'll ever have anything to contribute to them but they are definitely amusing. Who knows, some day I may de-lurk and spout off!

I also like the accessibility of the on-line materials and newsletter archives. You are taking a big step in putting some of your written material on-line. Your organization and indexing are very user friendly and I look forward to spending a lot of my down time perusing through it all.


Feb. 21, 2001

Subject: The truth about the LDS Church!


If the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is not the true church, nothing can save it! On the other hand, if the LDS Church is the true church of God no one can stop it!

The Book of Daniel is very clear on what shall be in the latter-days, the 4th or last kingdom known as the latter-day kingdom. It will consume and subdue all other kingdoms and fill the whole earth...

"there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and makes known...what shall be in the latter days...what shall come to pass." "The God of heaven will set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed, and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but will break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand forever." "But THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH SHALL TAKE THE KINGDOM, AND POSSES THE KINGDOM FOR EVER, EVEN FOR EVER AND EVER."

...Any questions?

Feb. 21, 2001

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Tanner,

My name is _____ and Im a 16 year old junior from Littleton CO. My high school is predominantly Mormon and we have a lot of LDS churches, temple, etc around. I took it upon myself about 1.5 years ago to start studying the Word of God so I would be able to defend my faith and hopefully save some friends of mine involved in the church. One of my best friends is a Mormon and she wants to talk to me about this.

Feb. 22, 2001

Subject: Re: Elder Paul H. Dunn, My mission President and My friend!


How many lies have you told in your lifetime? Can you speak the truth without telling lies? Will you continue to cast stones at others because of your own personal bias and distorted perceptions? Are you without sin? Since when did God put you in charge of His judgments? You and I simply do not have all the necessary facts to render a just judgment on anyone's character, dead or alive. I pray for the day when all of us might know the truth of all things! But until that day, why not become a little more charitable toward other people? Isn't that what He has ask us to do? Cut the people some slack! God will not hate you for being kind to someone who may not have deserved it! Have a nice day!

Feb. 22, 2001

My Brethren in Christ,

Thank you for your endless pursuit of the truth concerning the bottomless pit of Mormonism. ... I have found that the Tanner name alone strikes fear and immediate anger in all of the Mormons that I come into contact with.

Keep up His work,

Feb. 22, 2001

Hello Sandra,

Thank you ... I ...look[ed] at your site and found the "Terminology" site an excellent quick reference and just the kind of thing I was looking for in order to explain the differences "in a nutshell" so to speak. Thank you.

With gratitude for the opportunity to serve,

Feb. 22, 2001

Subject: Hello

I want to thank you guys for your ministry. You guys are doing a good thing. The Lord did tell us to try the spirits and to search all things, and you have done that to a great extent. Thank you once again. ...

In the love of Jesus Christ,

Feb. 23, 2001

Subject: Mormonism at the Olympics


Imagine the medal ceremonies near the Delta Center with the Salt Lake Temple in the background! The LDS church can afford giving so the media giant can attract the world! Here is a telling comment from the Idaho Statesman.

"When you watch the 2002 Winter Games, you won't have to guess where it is being held. The Mormon Church, over the objections of Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson (raised LDS, but no longer a member), has prevailed in a publicity battle worth $millions. The medal ceremonies will be conducted on a stage built in downtown Salt Lake City." (Idaho Statesman, Dec 26, 2000, page A1)

Feb. 23, 2001

Subject: How do I "escape" "The Church??"

I was born in SLC in 1947 to a very active Mormom family. Around the age of 13, a black family moved into our neighborhood (the old Burton Ward). It was the first time I had ever seen a black person and he was a Minister "somewhere" in SLC. We were forbidden to talk to them (although I formed a friendship with the daughter at school). That was the first time that I had a feeling that something was not right. If you were not white and Mormon, you obviously had no business being on the face of the earth.

As time went by and I witnessed what they did to Sonia (?) [Johnson--relates to LDS Church stand against ERA] and took her kids, and then the "revelation" about blacks in the Church ..., I knew for sure that something was wrong. As always, you didn't dare question "The Church". Anything you asked and they didn't have an answer for, you got "you're not ready to know that."

When I married and had my sons, it was still very apparent to me that if they did not participate in Mormon activities they would be outcast - so they did - to a limited extent.

However, when they were teenagers, and figured this total brainwashing out, they chose not to be involved and I tried to get my name and my oldest son off the Church records - to no avail.

At one point, I was contacted by the bishop of the ward we were living in and he wanted me to go through some "Church Court". I asked him what in the world made him think that I would subject myself and my then 17-year old son to embarrassment and harrassment by going through that? So I just dropped my fight.

A year ago, I somehow came across your information and have been reading everything I can get my hands on. Boy, do they do a good job with the brainwashing. And when you are never allowed to question anything and have no access to other religious information, it is really easy to believe that what they say is the truth.

I am not at all surprised by the lawsuit against you - of course they want to shut you up and get rid of you. They say to "pray and you will find the answers" yet they will not tell you the truth - why in the world would anyone keep secrets from their own membership?- why do they keep changing the rules? - why would Joseph Smith claim to be better than Jesus in keeping a church together? - ...- If they have nothing to hide and are really the "true" church, they should not be afraid of people knowing every last detail of the organization.

I am so glad that I moved from SLC to Phoenix when I was 40. I am so glad that I have found wonderful people who actually believe in God and Jesus Christ and the Bible - amazing that none of that ever changes!

The reason that the Church is so big is because they lie and brainwash people and never tell them all that is involved and if you are born into it, you never question - if you are converted, it sounds great - but if the whole truth was known, they would sink rapidly and probably be prosecuted for a lot of illegal activities.

But in the end, God knows and they will all be judged by Him - ...Anyway, it was good to be able to air my frustrations! ...You provide a wonderful service - when I try to tell people what the church is like, they look at me like I'm crazy and can't believe some of things I tell them - so to have a place they can go and see for themselves is wonderful. It sure has done a lot of good for me personally to know that I am not crazy and that something really is wrong! Thank you - Thank you!

Feb. 23, 2001

Subject: leaving the LDS church

I wanted to thank you for your advice on how to leave the church. I sent a letter back on January 26th to the member and statistical records office in Salt Lake City.

They sent an acknowledgment letter to me dated the 8th of February. I also sent my letter to the president of the ward I would belong to here. I have yet to hear from them.

I was wondering what the next step is if they ignore my request. Some of my friends seem to think it isn't that important, but it matters to me to have my name removed from their records. What advise do you have in this matter?

Thank you so much for your ministry! Much of what I learned while making this decision came from your site and the links. I truly believe God is working through you to save His children from the LDS church! God Bless!

[Sandra's Note: Their handbook says that they are to wait 30 days before finalizing your termination to see if you change your mind. Since it has now been more than 30 days you should write another letter stating you have not changed your mind and that you want a letter from them stating they have terminated your membership as you requested.]

Feb. 23, 2001

I am not a mormon, but I would Join the Mormon church before i joined your so-called religion. I have studied religion for nearly 10 years and still am looking for the "truth" To bring another church down to make yours look better is something I would expect from a 15 year old boy.

You guys are like the Scribes and the Pharisees. You know the scriptures but you really don't understand them. Get lives [expletive deleted].

Feb. 23, 2001

...I pray for the mormons every minute of the day.

I believe there is a dam getting ready to break, in the mormon church. This is what the Lord has shown me. We are seeing cracks in the dam. And I am praying for the dam to burst.

Thank you for being faithful in the battle for mormons.

Feb. 23, 2001

Dear Jerald and Sandra,

Issue No. 96 of the Messenger was forwarded to me from our previous address. What a saga and disaster for the LDS church authorities when they chose to sue!

Feb. 23, 2001

Subject: Polygamous stabbing in church


I was just reading through your website, which I think is wonderful. And I noticed there was the article about the guy who was stabbed in a polygamous church. I just had to let you know, that was my husbands brother. He is doing fine now thank goodness, the knife just barely missed main arteries. That was kind of interesting to see it on your site. He is thirty years old and yes he does go to the polygamous church and he is not married.

My husband grew up mormon and left the church about three years ago, and found God. His family is very nice and kind and we love them, but we keep praying for them to leave mormonism. He is the first person ever in his family to leave the church.

I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a amazing job with this ministry. I have read many of your books and have used them when witnessing to friends. I think this whole thing with the lawsuit is ridiculous. ...Although living in utah all my life and being a non-mormon is like being in a mission field. But I am excited to reach out to our neighbors, family and friends and share the good news.

Thank you,

Feb. 24, 2001

Subject: leaving LDS


First off, thanks so much for all that you are doing. Sure you don't remember me, but here is an update for you anyways on the situation for my wife, 2 daughters and I.

I wrote to ask if the letter to have ones name removed had to be handwritten, or if it could be typed and signed. Well, we ended up handwriting the whole thing (not willing to give any excuses for a holdup). We sent it in certified mail on Friday, January 18th, and the Bishop signed for it on Saturday the 19th (the cowardly stake President still has refused to sign for his, but that is a moot point now).

We weren't home when the bishop called us, but six calls and a few days later we finally got a hold of him. The phone conversation went maybe 2 whole minutes. Basically, was asked if understand the consequences of name removal, what we would have to do to rejoin, and if we wanted our names removed. Obviously, the answer was YES. The only b.s. pulled out in the whole call was when the bishop said "I feel sorry for you." My wife said to me, why because we have found Jesus; and I said yes because we have found the biblical jesus, and not one made up by the Salt Lake Brighamites.

So, sometime after February 23rd, our letter will be in the hands of the stake president.

Just wanted to let you know that things are going great, that we will soon be completely out of the church of the D&C, and that we love your website.


Feb. 25, 2001

...Thanks so much. You do fantastic work as usual. We are SO relieved the church settled their lawsuit against you. Fighting them further would have been wasted time and money.

Feb. 25, 2001

...thanks for all you guys do to assist others with finding the light and truth. I have learned so much from your website!

Feb. 25, 2001

Dear Sandra:

In or about 1952, the year I was admitted to the Utah Bar, I had occasion to confront the arrogance of the Church legal machine. The Church owned a building across from the old post office in SLC. Its people were applying asphalt to the roof of a the building during a wind and sprayed a number of automobiles parked below in a parking lot. I worked for Continental Agency, a large insurance agency, as company attorney. We paid an insured whose auto was sprayed with asphalt. To get the stuff off was fairly expensive. Required a hand wash and wax. We paid our insured and requested that the Church re-pay us. This, they curtly advised, they would not do. Although subrogating for the expense of cleaning one auto was clearly not worthwhile, I decided to check on the other autos similarly damaged. I investigated and identified the insurers of the many other vehicles in the lot. I informed them that I planned to subrogate on behalf of my client and inquired if they wished to join as plaintiffs. They all did. I thereupon brought suit against the LDS Church. I was contacted by the massive firm of Brown, Green, Smith, Smith, Humpty-dump, et al, and was informed in no uncertain terms that the Church would fight the case and throw its financial might against me. But just to be nice, they offered me a token settlement, advising me that if I persisted in the litigation, they would make me go through the litigation to the end. I replied, "Good! I am fresh out of Law School and really need the practice and am really looking forward to trying this case! They said, "Okay. We get the picture. We will send you a check."

I regret that I was not in SLC, fresh out of law school, and in good health. I would have delighted in representing you pro bono.


Feb. 25, 2001

Subject: My experience with Mormon missionaries.

Hi I have written you before, I am a 21 year old Christian in the Battle Creek, Mi. area. ...I have been a Christian for about 2 and a half years. I feel that I have a calling to witness the Truth, to everyone, but Mormons specifically.

Well my friend and I have been dealing with some Mormon missionaries recently. They came over one day in late Decemeber 2000, early January 2001 to my friend's house.

There was a young missionary, a year or two younger then I, and an older fellow that had been a Church member for quite some time. My friend started talking with the older fellow, and so I was left "alone" with the younger fellow. The younger fellow and I had met previously and we seemed to get along well.

Well, he began his usual rehtoric and asked me why I was interested in knowing more about his faith. He also said I seemed to know a lot about it, even more than most people he talks to. That was due in part to Utah Lighthouse Ministries and similar groups.

Well, as we talked, I basically just told him why I disagreed with Mormon teachings, because he asked and because I wanted to share with him the Truth.

I quoted often from the Bible and stuck by the Bible. I even gave him a brief testimony of myself and what Jesus has done for me. Well when we finished he seemed polite and not upset.

Well a week later that same young fellow, and two other young missionaries, who weren't even there, came and "harassed" my friend at his house. They said, and I quote "Why did you let her rip apart what we believe?" They became very aggressive in their approach, and two of them weren't even there when I was there talking to the guy.

They figured because it was my friends house, he was responsible for protecting them from "ripping apart their beliefs." When my friend said, "because I agree with her," they got angry and began saying "we've wasted all this time with you, why haven't you become a Mormon?"

Now, previously I have talked with Mormons, and one of their "big things" is to not cause contention. But I'm sorry that's what they did to my friend, just because I do not agree with their beliefs, because I believe in the Bible alone and trust in God alone for my salvation, I wasn't even pushy, just stating what I believe. What they did to my friend seems an awful lot like the contention they "preach" against.

Also many a time they have told my friend that he should stop going to his church because it is an "abonmination unto God," but denied it if confronted with it, and I have gotten lines such as "they shouldn't have said that" from other Mormons when I say that they told my friend that.

I just thought you ought to hear this story. I would also ask that you pray for these missionaries of the LDS church here in Battle Creek, that they would someday see the real Truth of Jesus Christ, and that maybe, just maybe though they are so contentious now, that a seed may have been planted, in at least one of their hearts. I would still like to spread the Truth to these people, and I pray I will have another opportunity. Thank you for your ministry by the way, that helped me. God bless you and yours.

Faithfully in Christ's Name,

Feb. 25, 2001

I came across your web site by reading an article in US News on the Mormon church and its growth. I am a born-again believer saved by the precious blood of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. ...I really appreciated reading most of your material you have on the Mormons. I have had a burden for them as well.

The LORD gives me a desire to read up on these cults, so that I can understand how to approach them for CHRIST. Many years ago I worked with a strong Mormon and he and I would get into long debates on GOD and the BIBLE. I told him that if he would read certain parts of the Bible, where there is only one GOD, which I would give to him, then I would read the Book of Mormon.

Well he agreed and he gave me the book and I gave him the passages to read. I read up to 300 pages and I was amazed at the fantasy world mixed with the use of the Old and New Testament that Joseph Smith used to dupe, poor gullible people with. I could not go on reading this lie of the devil.

I informed the Mormon about my findings and he did not want to hear the truth. I just read your tract on the B of M and got a copy of the Smithsonian Institution's statements. Wish I had them then. ...

I been given many a blessing by being able first to witness to my dentist, who was a Catholic and is now a elder in the LDS. A very nice family man, who has his B of M in his office and is a very good dentist. I have had some doubt of whether I should have him as my dentist knowing he gives a tithe and maybe more to his church and that how someone who is so smart can be so deceived. I realize the natural man does not understand the things of God, the HOLY SPIRIT can move him.

I have witnessed to two young men missionaries and my chiropractor and several of his staff. Only the HOLY SPIRIT can move those hearts, but I just pray their hearts would be open.

My daughter _____ baby sat for a young woman a while back, who in talking to her about the LORD found out she was a Mormon, not so involved in it though. ...Hopefully I will get some of your tracts soon and the HOLY SPIRIT can move some of these souls toward salvation in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and save them from this cult, which leads many souls to eternal death.

...Your Brother in CHRIST,

Feb. 25, 2001

Subject: Mountain Meadows Massacre

I was surfing the net looking for information for my 4th grade classroom on the Westward Movement when I came upon your site about the Mountain Meadows Massacre. It reminded me of the extensive research my brother has done about our family history.

Several members of our family were traveling in that wagon train from Arkansas. It has always been chilling to me to read the reports of the massacre and to know that it went pretty much unpunished. I'm impressed that someone is still interested enough to make this information available.


Feb. 26, 2001

Subject: Priesthood comments --

D&C 84:6-12 "And the sons of Moses,according to the Holy Priesthood which he received under the hand of his father-in-law, Jethro; And Jethro received it under the hand of Caleb; And Caleb received it under the hand of Elihu; And Elihu under the hand of Jeremy; And Jeremy under the hand of Gad; And Gad under the hand Esaias; And Esaias received it under the hand of God."

Now my first problem with these verses is the genealogy. Caleb was younger than Jethro. He was the son of Jephunneh, one of the twelve chiefs sent by Moses to spy out the land of Canaan. Elihu was either one of Job's friends, Manaassehite warrior, Son of Tohu. Chief of the tribe of Judah, or a porter of the Temple.

At any rate, I believe Elihu was several generations younger than Jethro. I think that Jeremy is Jeremiah, and I know that he was born several years after Jethro's death.(I think) Gad is either the seventh son of Jacob, or a prophet who lived in the time of David and was his friend. If he was Jacob's son, than he could not hold the priesthood, because he was not Levi; his brother. And if he was David's friend the prophet, then he also was not born until after Jethro's death.

If this is the case with all these men, then how could Moses have the priesthood given to him by his father-in-law?

Also Jethro was Ethiopian. I am assuming that that would mean he was black. Therefore he couldn't hold the priesthood according to Joseph Smith. I may be wrong here, but something smells a little Smithy here. ...

I just thought I would pass the information on ...By the way , Thank you for getting this stuff out there for others to read.


Feb. 26, 2001

Subject: Why Do you attack us???

Dear Sandra,

Why does the Mormon church attack and try to discredit the Christian church? The Mormons have thousands of missionaries working full time to tear down and hurt the Christian church. Today I talked to some of these mormon missionaries. They told me my christian church was false.

They told me my minister was not teaching the truth. ...I am concerned why the Mormon religion would be so against my church. ...The Mormon missionaries should leave other religions alone. If the Mormon church was true they would try to act more like Christ and stop all the religion bashing....

Feb. 26, 2001

Subject: web site

I feel that your web site is very opininonaded, you have not used frist presidency approved books, there for you should not put it as church doctorine.

Another interesting point I found was that you told the people who view this site that praying was only the emotions you are fealing and that you have to have solid sientific proof, what you are saying is that god can not give you insperation in your own life, in a nut shell you are over writing god, there fore you cannot be of the christian belief, last and not least I dont know why people bash the lds church all they are doing is sharing there beliefs, the only thing I can think of, why people bash the church is 2 things, one they where offended by someone in the church, or two they cannot live the rules of the church, satan has a hold of the people of this web site, you are against god and you will be held accountable therefore, the lord will not be mocked, so insted of bashing why dont you put your energy to good use. thank you for your time.

Feb. 26, 2001

My name is ____ _____ and it has been two years since I have anything to do with the LDS church. I was a convert and found myself getting pulled towards the LDS way of doing things. It wasn't until I did some SERIOUS research that lasted over a year that I came to realize that this latter day dispensation had no truth. It was a huge let down and I wanted nothing to do with it anymore.

I am still left with many questions and my heart longs for a place to worship GOD. I do not know how and where. I do not know which faith and/or religion is real. I am basically lost.

But, there is still one thing that I know. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not have the answers. It pains me so to state that. I loved the people and organizational structure. I loved the peace and tranquility it provided. But, I now see it as a slight of hand, a jail of sorts or better yet, a bad magicians trick. ...I am ready to leave the LDS church and remove my name from their rolls. I was baptized and ordained to the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood. About 1 1/2 years ago, I wrote a letter requesting my separation. My Bishop read it and said he would hold on to it until I had some time to think about it. That was the last time I went to church and had anything to do with them. ...I am still very confused and miss so much of what I had with them. I know it to be based on lies and deceit, but that in itself does not help my spiritual loneliness and hopelessness....

Keep up the good work with your website. It truly saved me from many years of deceit.

Sincerely yours,

Feb. 26, 2001

Subject: The Anti-Tanner Lawsuit

Dear Sandra and Jerald -

Found the story in the newsletter we just received today concerning the suit brought against you by the Mormon Church incredible. Very glad you were able to settle the case, although I'm sure it was still costly for legal fees, etc. Must be that the LDS doesn't have much to do these days. Frivolous lawsuits certainly don't fit the image they try to cultivate and perpetuate. Best wishes.

Visiting your Web site for the first time today and enjoying the discussion on your EZ Board Message Boards. ...Keep doing what you do best,

Feb. 27, 2001

...I went on a mission and there is nothing in those lessons that tell those missionaries to tell people they are wrong. Those lessons carry a message about our church just as any other church on this earth does. The only difference is that we have 90,000 missionaries. The Baptist had their time, why haven't they grown substantially or why isn't the Catholic church growing??? Because they are not the church of Jesus Christ. If a church is not of God or Christ it shall fail on it's own. Christ gives us that promise.

What would Jesus do???? He sure as heck would not sit around all day trying to destroy other churches. He built his church on this earth so YOU and I would know the truth. So we would have a way to return to live with him. If you don't believe that, why are we told in John 10:16 "ONE FOLD, ONE SHEPHERD"

Not you or anyone like you will destroy this church. And if you lead people away from the truth then you are only securing your own condemnation. Just wait and see....

Feb. 27, 2001

Gidday! Just writing from Australia to thank you for the scores of information I have received from you which has helped unbrainwash me! My life is SOOOOO much better without the crushing weight of Mormonism.

...Thanks again for all you do!!!!


Feb. 27, 2001

We were so thrilled to receive your newsletter. ...We did not think you were still in business. We do wish to continue to support your ministry. ...Please continue the wonderful work you are doing.

As you may recall _____ came out of the LDS mess soon after a meeting with Granny Geer in Marietta Georgia after attending a meeting with Ex Mormons for Jesus. Praise God for His Son Jesus and for opening his eyes to the truth about the REAL JESUS.

Feb. 27, 2001

Just want to tell you how much I appreciate what you folks are doing in the Lords vinyard. I was really helped by your tapes. It helped me to use better diplomacy and see a little clearer to reach the Mormons for Christ. Lord bless you and you have my Love

Feb. 27, 2001

Hi Jerald and Sandra!! It has been awhile since I last wrote to you. Probably several years, I guess. Just received your last Messenger and read about your court case with LDS. Our Lord worked out all the details and even spread your message to the Mormons even more. Praise the Lord!! Isn't His ways great?

I continue my detailed review of the Book of Mormon to find the many errors. It is not hard to find them either...Right now I am nearing the end of Moroni's last words in the little Book of Mormon and about to proceed into the Book of Ether. Just finished the part where over 230,000 Nephite men were killed, plus women and children, in the battle of Cumorah. No mention of the number of Lamanites killed, however, if that many people were killed in one spot one would think there would be some archeological evidence for such a battle. ...Continue the good work for the Lord.

..In His Name

Feb. 27, 2001

You guys are wrong in opposing the LDS Church. You are going to loose your place at the marriage supper of the Lamb. How ashamed you will feel when your spirit leaves your bodies and you go into the spirit world and find out "They" were right after all.

Feb. 28, 2001

Subject: latest newsletter on lds copyright law suit

Thank you for the latest "Messenger" newsletter on the mormon church law suit alleging copyright violations against you for placing info from their church manual on the internet.

I am reminded of a law suit by another pseudochristian cult, the "Jehovah's Witnesses" against those who put the contents of their elder handbook on the web. Not only do these two cults attempt to intimidate weak souls falling for their spiritual traps, but they attempt to silence or intimidate those who expose their cult control efforts.

...Thank you ever so much for providing the resources to set so many free! Truly, your reward is in heaven when someday we will meet you to personally thank you.

Yours in Christ,

Feb. 28, 2001

...We are a christian familiy that moved here [Utah] 1 1/2 years ago ...Your information has helped us so much in witnessing to our friends

thank you

Feb. 28, 2001

Lord knows you are busy...i used to be a Branch President in Springfield, MO same as a Bishop....we had a large ward... I have now seen the light...my wife and I are members of the Baptist Church now... we have 3,400 members ...we live in Liberty, MO now and are very happy...we got out...

Feb. 28, 2001

Subject: false teachers

the great book talks about people like you putting down the true chruch of christ its the signs of the second coming and those who dont forsake there sins shall burn in the last days jesus christ himself never put people down for there beliefs in fact he let them crucify him.

what makes you so diffrent in putting down the true church thats satin's job for building up his kingdom so keep up the good work becouse you will get no were the church will always stand!!!

Feb. 28, 2001

Subject: RLDS

A church (not a temple) of the REORGANIZED Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been built just a few blocks from my home. Who are they? Why did they leave the official Mormon Church? What do they believe (differently)? Also, I am looking for a book or other resource about the Mormon Scriptures, but every book seems to be focused on the problems of the organization itself, and not the problems there are (if there are any) w/ it's scriptures (BOM, POGP, D&C). How do I know that, all though the LDS Church may be apostate, that Joseph Smith was not really a prophet of God? I cannot find any of the Church's really outrageous doctrines in their scriptures, and in fact I can't find in their scriptures any contradiction w/ the Bible @ all. So, are there any books/leaflets/other resources that show the possible problems w/ the Mormon scriptures?


[Sandra's Note: Here are two books that deal with RLDS:

  1. Part Way to Utah by Paul Trask. He has a website http://www.help4rlds.com
  2. Reorganized Latter Day Saint Church Is It Christian? by Carol Hansen. Carol has a ministry devoted to the RLDS called Life Line Ministries, PO Box 1536, Independence, MO. 64055. See her website at http://www.lifeline2rlds.org

Hope this helps. RLDS do not accept the regular LDS teaching of plural gods, plural marriage, Book of Abraham, temple work. See their official site for basic info: http://www.rlds.org]

Feb. 28, 2001

I ... am a deaf missionary [of the LDS Church]...I was raised in LDS Church whole my life. I didn’t believe LDS Church was true until I was 18-19 yr-old. I knew it was true Church by the power of Holy Ghost....You both have hurt my heart and I’m not only one. Many Mormonism or LDS member were hurt, too. But from my understand you are hurting yourselves more than you hurt others. You both have use your power to destroy many LDS and non-LDS members' life.

Feb. 28, 2001

Having read much of the detail, and a good deal else over the past few weeks, may I say how much I support your work and deplore the action of the LDS Church.

If they think this will in any way 'shut people up', they are wrong. I have learned more from the internet, and more which shocks me about their church, than from anywhere else. Long may it continue to be available!!

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