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June 2000
(Names and Contact Info Removed)

June 1, 2000

I have suffered from ritual abuse in the LDS Church most of my life. I have had such suffering thinking that I was the one out of order in the church and that I would never measure up and living with the secrets of the occult in the church has caused such a dissordance in my life that it is not possible to describe the suffering. Thank God for your website because now I can see that the whole thing was always a lie.

Joseph Smith is one the world's biggest liers of all time. If he could lie about the Pearl of Great Price and his so called visions and the Kinderhook plates and change the doctrines in his own lifetime how can we believe any of the rest of it. I have read almost every word on your site and the effect it has had on me is to set me free. No more shame, guilt or Mormon style mind control. No I won't be following the prophet. ...I have now become a Christian and have become spirit filled and know joy and peace for the first time in my life. Praise God.

June 2, 2000

Dear Jerald and Sandra,

At one of my speaking engagements with college students at a Chinese Christian Church, a student referred me to your website. I was delighted to see "everything" you have to offer and especially the tremendous resources. Keep up the good work. I will be praying for you as you continue with your ministry.

June 3, 2000

I have studied your research for years. What you have revealed is very enlightening and strengthens the reality of Joseph Smith's divine mission. What you have revealed validates the divinity of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Saints.

June 8, 2000

Subject: the Tanners?!!!!!

wow! keep them on their toes, yes I'm lds. still I never liked the mormon legends. ex. the one about the car that started with no engine, on a mission. take care.

June 8, 2000

Subject: praise the Lord!!

what an amazing blessing your ministry is! you are truly an answer to prayer. i am currently involved with a mormon man, and before deciding to continue in a relationship with him, i knew that mormonism was a false religion, but satan was working really hard on my heart and spirit in trying to deceive me into thinking that it really wasn't a big deal. as our relationship has progressed, i have delved more into researching more extensively the history and teachings of this cult and have become more and more appalled at my discoveries. i've already shared some of these discoveries with my boyfriend, but he has been actively involved with the lds church for ten years now. i love him with all that is in me, but i know that we can't be together because of the important foundation of a relationship based on the Jesus Christ of the Bible is not shared between us. this absolutely breaks my heart, and i'm scared for him. i don't want to give up on sharing the truth with him, but it seems so futile sometimes.

he says that he's open to receiving information that is not biased that can concretely disprove his beliefs, but, as is commonly known, mormons are so indoctrinated in their false teachings that they are really good and making a christian, even one who is solid in his faith, feel speechless and frusterated by throwing all kinds of questions at you and trying to confuse you. i have found myself in this situation with him many times.

anyways...i just want to thank you once again for this blessed ministry, and ask that you might pray for me and my boyfriend (especially for him!). i know that it's not impossible for the Lord to take the blinders off his eyes, and i pray He continually gives me the faith i need to believe that my boyfriend will see the truth, and the wisdom to know what to do for this man that i love.

god bless!

p.s. my boyfriend is hispanic, of aztec and spanish decent, and he clings tightly to his ethnic descendancy as a support for the validity of the book of mormon and Christ having visiting south america under another name—an aztec god most know as quetzatcoal (sp?). ...

 June 10, 2000

Thank you. My wife of two years just left me five months after giving birth to our baby girl because she would not marry a non-mormon. I am so now reassured that our only hope for a happy family lies in the powers of our Holy Spirit touching her life and lifting this cultish veil of darkness that surrounds her. I have only recently (yesterday) started really examining mormon and the more I know the more I want to share my new found knowledge. Spread the word.

June 10, 2000

Subject: Thank You for your work

My name is _____ ______ - I am 44 years old and was born and raised a Mormon in Ogden, Utah. I was always naturally inquisitive and asked many questions of the church teachers growing up. As you know, penetrating questions are not received well by mormons. I grew up feeling confused, fearful and especially feeling guilty because I didn't like a lot of what I heard in the church. I tried to believe. I suspended all questions and did my best to use blind faith. It just didn't help. By the time I was 24, I had all but left the church out of disgust at the arrogance and self-righteousness exposed with every word out of the elders/bishops' mouths. I didn't believe in Joseph Smith or in the Book of Mormon. And after all, isn't that what the mormon church is all about? Without the vague and nebulous "testimony" of the church and it's origins, I didn't belong as a member.

I asked to be taken off the church roles in 1986 because I could not bear the thought of the LDS church using my name as a member or counting me as a believer. I didn't believe in organized religion after that. I hadn't gone to church in 12years. I was very bitter toward the mormon church for many years. Then, in 1998, I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal savior through a close friend who had also found Christ. I was born again. I have spent the last 2 years learning of God's word and what he wants of me.

I have struggled with old memories of what I was taught in the LDS church, so I have read several books exposing the lies and deceptions I was told to believe in. I recently finished "Behind the Mask of Mormonism" by John Ankerberg and John Weldon. What a wonderful find! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for ways to witness to Mormons. I found a booklist in the back from the UTAH LIGHTHOUSE MINISTRY. I, of course, had heard about Jerald and Sandra Tanner and have always wanted to meet them.

Today, two young women came to my door. Two mormon missionaries. I felt no bitterness toward them. I only felt deep sympathy. I know how they have been manipulated and lied to. I knew how much I wanted them to come to Christ. I was able to witness to them that I indeed knew about the LDS church and that I used to be a mormon until I became a Christian and found Christ. My heart went out to them, but I lacked the knowledge to show them the lies. I chatted with them for a few minutes, expressed my dismay at all the errors in the Book of Mormon and left them with my prayer that they might someday come to know Jesus the way I have. I want to learn how to witness to Mormons. I praise God that Jerald and Sandra are in Utah, bringing Mormons to the light of God. Thank you both, in the name of all those who once were lost, but now are found....

Your sister in Christ

June 13, 2000

Subject: Compliment


I just wanted to drop you a note complementing you on your website. It is well organized and has a tremendous amount of information.


June 19, 2000

Subject: I just want you to know what a valuable asset you are to me and the rest of the Body of Christ.

I just want you to know what a valuable asset you are to me and the rest of the Body of Christ. I search your site daily to gain more knowledge and insight into reaching the LDS with the true Gospel. I used to go out to LDS meeting houses every other Sunday in Colorado Springs and pass out literature and talk to LDS members. One of the Stake Pres. put out a letter stating that I was a Son of Perdition, and that no one was allowed to speak with me anymore. I now go all over the entire State of Colorado, sharing the Truth with the LDS. I give away "Major Problems with Mormonism" to those that are sincerely seeking. Your fruits will be great in Eternity!

God Bless You!

June 19, 2000



June 20, 2000

Subject: More info, please!

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Tanner, ...God is doing such an awesome work through you! I have read just one of your articles and want more. I feel that God wants us (my husband and I) to pray for the mormons and witness God's love to them as we keep coming in contact with many mormon people. ...Thank you and may God be with you!

June 22, 2000

Subject: A little bit hypocritical

Interesting you want the LDS Church to show you respect by talking and giving you notice before they do something about what you have already done without there consent. Sounds a little condenscending. You so respect than others might so some. A little un-Christian of you folks don't you think.

June 22, 2000

Subject: Whew!

Finished reading "Mormonism—Shadow or Reality." Just wanted to thank you for all the effort and research that went into it. Now I'm reading it again and highlighting the things I think are important to me. Had to get another highlighter after only 30 pages. I may have to rethink my highlighting parameters. Sorry to say, after reading your book, I now look upon Mormons as a little less intelligent. And to think I used to consider myself one. It's embarrassing.

I like to read through the letters people have sent you. I find the letters that chastise you for your web site and other works quite funny. Now let me get this straight. If you point out the errors in Mormon doctrine and history and show that their church is false, that's bashing and you're being terrible people. But if Mormons point out what they think are errors in doctrine in all other churches and that all other churches are false, that's the work of the Lord. Go figure.

 June 24, 2000

You seem scared of Mormonism. Why? Does it teach people to ruin thier lives? Is it pro Satan? Please tell me more!

June 24, 2000

Subject: polytheism

It is funny how a select group of people can be against Mormons. I know, it must be hard living in a state that is predominantly a different religion. I am sure you feel picked on, but please don't cry. Why don't you people pick on other religions like Catholicism. Oh wait I know why, it is because Mormons believe in a different Jesus. What I fail to see is if your god and the catholic god are the same then why do the Irish Catholics try to kill the English? Oh I know it is because God tells the Catholics one thing and then tells the Protestants another. Who was it Calvin who said all Catholics are from hell. Sorry, I cant remember it exactly.

I don't think it is very Christ like to boast about Utah's divorce rate falling to the national average either. Let me ask you something, which would be better a state full of atheists or a state full of Mormons? Aren't you guys and Mormons kind of on the same track. Don't you both want what is best for humankind? Let me tell you something. First people worshiped rocks, then they became polytheists, then monotheists. The next step will be atheists. You should choose a better battle.

My mother was a Southern Baptist. She decided that religion wasn't for her when her minister was making it a common practice to smack people in the head and say receive the Holy Ghost. He would smack them and they would fall to the ground. One day a pregnant lady, nine months along, had to go "receive the Holy Ghost. Her body wouldn't let her fall to the ground, so he continued to smack her saying that she was extra evil. What a bunch of hokie pokie bull sh_t. She ended up falling to the ground. when she did it induced labor and she had to be taken to the hospital. The minister said it was meant by god. What a moron. Anyways, that is what happens when religious kooks start preaching.

Oh one more thing, who cares about polygamy. doesn't the bible tell us that polygamy once existed and wasn't wrong? Or do you not believe in the bible? I wont blame you if you don't, but if you do believe then you probably shouldn't speak of polygamy in a condescending way.

June 25, 2000

I have heard about the tanners in more anti Mormon garbage than I care to think about. I think about the hatred that you have spent your life proclaiming towards the Mormons. To what end. The church is true it will always be true your followers seem to be as hateful as you. The only one I can think of that supports you is Satan he loves contention, hate war, false accusations. I think what a wasted life. When you die an get to the other side what are you going to do. Do you think the Savior is going to say well Mr. Tanner I sure am glad you spent your whole life on hating people? I think he is going to say 1. How did you treat your sweetheart, did you help her grow and reach her goals? 2. How did you treat your children? Did you teach them to love and respect other people. 3. He will ask you by name about each of your children. Did you keep the commandments? Did you follow the living prophets and the scriptures ect. ect. Do you get the picture. All you've done is teach people to hate. I think that's pretty sad.

Think about it.

June 25, 2000


My name is _____ (age 20) and I have a friend (age 18) that just recently converted to Mormonism.. I have tried to show him and explain to him the TRUE history of the religion but he will not listen to any of it because he says "We are not allowed to read Anti-Mormonism materials." I would like to learn more about the Mormon religion so I can help my friend. He has 10 more months before he goes on the 2 year mission and I want him to know the facts before he leaves for his mission. My friend is a new mormon and believes that the entire mission trip is to "tell people about God" (which I believe the mission trip is about converting people to mormonism). Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you for all you do!

June 26, 2000

Subject: From Brazil!!

Hey Jerald and Sandra,

my name is _____, I'm from Brazil and I am a member of the LDS Church since I was 7 years old. I'm so happy and proud to know this Correct Way, that prepare us to return to live with our Father in Heaven. I'm sorry about you writing these incorrect things about the Mormons - Mansory. Unhappilly you are being used by the Enemy to confuse the World about the True Religion of Jesus Christ in this world. I hope you pray and ask misericordy to the Lord. You need it now!!! I'm so grateful if I can help you come to this way, that brings happy, knowledge and preparation for us. Please, answer me and REPENT yourselves, if you want to be SAVE.

Your friend from Brazil,

June 26, 2000

I am a 26 year old man and I have a felt a need to become a part of the ministry to the LDS people. God has put me in very close contact with many Mormons for about the last decade (the last two girls I dated are LDS) and only recently have I been researching the mormon religion. Very disturbing indeed. I baffles me as to why these average, some very intelligent, people don't bother to look into all the things that are brought up against them. I'm not even a Mormon and it's pretty safe to say that I know more than what the last two girls I've dated know combined! And it hurts....

Thank you for your time.

God Bless You,

June 26, 2000

Shalom alekhem! (Peace be with you!) Greetings from Ten Mile, Tennessee (USA) I enjoyed visiting your site and set a bookmark for a return.

Your servant and His,

June 27, 2000

Ms. Tanner,

We want to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us during our trip to Salt Lake City. We learned so much from you and we feel that the Lord is really going to use what we learned from you and so many others. We really do appreciate it and our prayers are with you and Jerald and your tremendous ministry. Just want to say thanks again....

In Christ,

June 28, 2000

I read with interest the piece on Polygamy. I am not a polygamist or even a mormon.

The wrangling over whether Polygamy is right or not is so farsical as to be almost laughable. Joseph Smith lived in a time when any new religious thought could evoke terrible anger in the general populace. It seems to me that his statement in doctrine against polygamy was nothing more than fear of increased persecution. Indeed that very covenant was used as a defence of the church to the masses. It seems to me in the light of the evidence you give that Joseph Smith believed in Polygamy himself......otherwise why would he practice it but tried to avoid the consternation that would result from preaching it. I would suggest that the statement in doctrine is not from God at all but from a fearful Joseph Smith.

Re Polygamy. If we look further than the Christian tradition into Islam we find that Polygamy is supported. A clear examination of the bible shows that Polygamy was common and intrinsic to jewish life. For example the instance of a widow marrying her dead husbands brother. No mention made of whether brother was already married or not.

If we look again even further into Hinduism, we find that all their multitude of gods have more than one wife and that in the Celestial Kingdom of the ultimate God of All (Govinda....which means simply "Primal Lord") God has millions of wifes and consorts, though one is chief amongst these. If you say "Govinda" is not God, then you are in fact saying that God is not Primal or first. You can't intelligently make that statement.

I will not argue over the moral nature of Polygamy because I don't practise it but suffice to say that most of the cultures of the world support it and it was practised by saints of many religions and by biblical figures.

The failing I imagine with Polygamy is simply the difficulty of making it work and human jealousy. From a practical point of view, I can't see anything better than Polygamy.

The major benefits being.

  1. Increased Income due to haveing more hands earning a living.
  2. Inbuilt child care, as one or more wife may elect to be a stay at home mother.
  3. Increased freedom and ability to actually go out.
  4. Never being alone.

We find in the world today that in many cases both parents work and children are farmed off to childcare units. The system of Monogamy has utterley failed, we see the casualities among both adults and children, with adultery, poverty, broken homes and single parenthood accellerating.

Our modern society does not sit well with Polygamy at all. I could go on but any truthful examination of the failure of Monagamy will clearly outline it's failings. Those that oppose Polygamy are simply not looking clearly at either the bible or the facts and are simply suffering from the human failing of jealousy. I don't know any polygamists so cannot comment on how they manage there personal lifestyles but I think it requires people with big and perfect hearts, not something we all have.

June 28, 2000

Subject: Paid Ministry

Dear Editor--

Thank you for the informative site! Although I was born into "the church", a miracle took place somewhere in my young life & I was able to see through all the brainwashing. I enjoyed learning on your site about the little known fact that high level leaders of the church are paid a "modest living salary".

Its very interesting to me that the church makes a big deal about the fact that lower level clergy are not paid a salary. Am I the only one that notices this isn't something they should be bragging about? It always seemed to me to be a drawback rather than an advantage to the average member that because they weren't being paid, only rich, upper crust members of the community could afford to take time out to be mid level leaders such as stake presidents, patriarchs etc. Growing up, I always knew the schmuck we would all be raising our right hands to sustain next Sunday would be the one with the biggest house. One of the only things I truly felt secure about as a youngster was the knowledge my father would never be called as bishop or stake president. He wasn't head of any corporation and didn't play golf with the right circles. I knew of one or two poor bishops, but stake presidents or higher tended to be rich, prominent businessmen. I can't be the only person who doesn't buy into this noble "volunteer" bullsh_t. Its simply a clever disguise for the LDS policy of discriminating against the average Joe member in order to favor rich prominent community members with deep pockets & political influence. It makes me wonder what certain "noble volunteers" feel they should be paid when they're in the middle of recent lawsuits. Trained, educated, PAID clergy might know better what to do when they're privy to knowledge of child sexual abuse, instead of waiting months or years before reporting it & then hiding behind claims of "I didn't know I was supposed to tell."


June 30, 2000

My mother found a 123yr old book. A reporter back then published it. It has the trail of the Meadow Mountain Massacre in it, as well as some views on Brigham Young and the church. I found it to be very interesting. I am a former Mormon. I can not stand the church.

Unfortunately my Grand mother is still a member. Thank you for making the information available on this web site. It is very helpful.

Thank you,

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