A Sample of Joseph Smith's
False Prophecies


  1. Saints to gather to Independence, Mo. and build Temple (D&C 84)
    No longer teach the gathering and temple never built.
  2. Zion (Independence, Mo.) can not fall (D&C 97:19)
    Mormons driven out.
  3. Army to redeem Zion (Independence, MO) (D&C 103)
    Mission unsuccessful. V.30-34 God seems to be unsure about how large an army to raise.
  4. Civil War Prophecy (D&C 87)
    England and other nations did not join in.
  5. United Order (D&C 104)
    V.1 Commanded as everlasting order; V.48 & 53 dissolved and reorganized.
  6. Riches of Salem to pay church debt (D&C 111)
    No riches found, debts not paid.
  7. Apostle Patten to go on mission in Spring 1839 (D&C 114)
    He was shot in Oct. of 1838. Wouldn't God have known he was going to die before the next spring?
  8. New gathering place and temple in Far West (D&C 115)
    LDS driven out, never built the temple.
  9. Build a temple in Nauvoo and house for Smiths (D&C 124)
    Temple and house not completed.
  10. Christ to return in 1890-1891 period (D&C 130:14-15)
    Christ did not return.
  11. US Government must redress wrongs or be destroyed (History of the Church, vol.5, p.394, vol.6, p.116 and Millennial Star, vol.22, p.455.)
    It doesn't and is not destroyed.
  12. Three grand keys to test Messengers (D&C 129)
    No known reference where any LDS church leader ever used this test.  Does God give meaningless revelations?

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