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This important and moving diary gives a candid first person view of early America and Mormon migrations to Utah by Mr. Hans Peter Emanuel Hoth from Schleswig, Germany. Written in 1853-1857.

Note #1: The original diary was entirely in German, which caused a bit of trouble when it came to translating proper names, many of which will be obvious to the reader. Any clarification added by us has been included in [brackets]. The translator also has added some notes which are often signed with his initials--P.G., [Peter Gulbrandsen].

Note #2: The paintings used throughout this online edition are by the artist C.C.A. Christensen. The titles of the paintings are at the bottom of the page on which they appear. Also note that you can click on the paintings for a larger view.

The Hoth Diary can be found at:
The Bancroft Library
University of California Berkeley


  • Author: Hoth, Hans Peter Emanuel, 1803-1878
  • Title: Tage Buch von H. Hoth aus Schleswig ....1853 Dec. 16-1857 Sept. 27
  • Description:
    • Originals: 3v. and 2 portfolios.
    • Copy of typed trnslation by Peter Gulbrandsen (transl. 1): 1 microfilm reel: negative (Rich. 815:7) and positive.
    • Copy to typed trnscript by Perter Gulbrandsen and typed translation
    • (transl2) by Walter Rink: 1 microfilm reel: negative (BNEG Box 2520) and positive.
  • Notes:
    • Diary of journey from Schleswig to Salt Lake City, via New Orleans and St. Louis; life in Utah; journey (1856) to California; stay in San Bernardino and removal to Los Angeles
    • Other copies available; typed transcript by Peter Gulbrandsen (2copies; and typed translations by peter Gulbransen and Walter Rink. Pages 186-187 lacking in Rinks Translation.
    • Typed translation by Peter Gulbrandsen (transl 1): also available on the microfilm with call number BANC FILM 2269.
    • Typed transcript by Peter Guldbrandsen and typed translation by Walter Rink (transl 2); also available on microfilm with call number BANC FILM 2265. Original manuscript; at time of microfilming in private possession.
    • Transferred to the Pictorial Collections of the Bancroft Library (Portrait file 4824)


  • Voyages and travels
  • Overland journeys to the Pacific.
  • Mormons - California
  • Germans - Utah
  • Germans - California
  • Salt Lake City (Utah)
  • Schleswig (Duchy)
  • New Orleans (La.)
  • Utah - Customs and life
  • California - Customs and life
  • San Bernardino (Calif.)
  • Los Angeles (Calif.)
  • Overland journals - 1856

Call numbers:

  • UCB Bancroft BANC MSS C-F 67
  • UCB Bancroft BANC FILM 2265
    • Note: Positive microfilm. For contents of microfilm see long display.
  • UCB Bancroft BANC FILM 2269
    • Note: Positive microfilm. For contents of microfilm see long display.

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