What Do I Say to Mormon Friends and Missionaries?

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Product Code: XB314
Title: What Do I Say to Mormon Friends and Missionaries?
Author: Donna M. Morley
Publisher: Faith & Reason Press
List Price: $17.99
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Date: 2011
Pages: 277
Additional Info:

Forward by Brian Morley, Th.M., Ph.D.


From back cover:

In this post-modern age in which we live and at a time when inclusivism is on the rise against the Gospel of Christ, the Christian public needs this book....
—Duane Magnani, Director, Witness Inc.

Morley has done an excellent study on Mormonism....
—Angela Goedelman, The Quarterly Journal, Personal Freedom Outreach

Donna Morley helps cut through the complex and thorny issues, offering Christians a concise book that examines this fascinating religion without difficulty or intimidation.
—Bill McKeever, Mormonism Research Ministry, Author of: In Their Own Words: A Collection of Mormon Quotations

This book has become a valuable addition to my library on Mormonism.
—Fritz Ridenour, Author of the Best Seller, So What's the Difference?

Donna Morley writes with the balance of a scholar's mind, a woman's heart, and a passion for the truth. This book will help Christians understand what Mormonism is all about.
—Dr. Ed Hindson, Assistant Chancellor, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

What a well-written book! Donna wrote thoughtfully, with care and compassion. I was very impressed with her knowledge, insights, and how clearly she expressed herself.... The Fact Sheet will be valuable to me for years to come....
—Christine D. Anderson, Editor Lifeway Church Resources

Table of Contents

They Sound Just Like Us!

Part I: What Is Mormonism All About?

  1. Who Was Joseph Smith?
  2. Why is Joseph's First Vision So Important?
  3. What Is the Book of Mormon About?
  4. Doctrine & Covenants—Revelations from the Lord?
  5. What Do I Need to Know About Other Mormon Scriptures?

Part II: Questions to Ask Our Mormon Friends

  1. Why Don't You Believe the Bible Alone Is Sufficient?
  2. Why Do You Trust in Joseph Smith for Your Salvation?
  3. What Does God's Grace Mean to You?
  4. Why Do You Rely on Baptisms for the Living & the Dead?
  5. In Your View, Who Is Jesus Christ?
  6. Why Do You Believe You Can Become a God?
  7. What Do You Believe About the Trinity?
  8. What Do You Believe About Heaven?

Appendix A: A Comparison Between Mormonism and the Bible

Appendix B: LDS Photo Album

FACT SHEET: Your Quick Guide to the Truth

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