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Product Code: XB065
Title: Welcome All Wonders: A Composer's Journey
Author: J.A.C. Redford
Publisher: Baker Books
List Price: $18.99
Special Price: $10.00
Date: 1997
Pages: 341
Additional Info:  


A fascinating autobiography of an Emmy-nominated composer detailing his journey out of Mormonism and into Christianity. From Mormon missionary in Italy to the realization that Mormonism did not fulfill his spiritual needs, Redford's intelligent and moving story captivates the reader while explaining the basics of Mormonism.

Table of Contents

Overture: A New Song


  1. Of Goodly Parents
  2. I Am a Child of God
  3. Of Time and Innocence
  4. Your Young Men Shall See Visions
  5. The Glory of God Is Intelligence
  6. And They Shall Go Forth
  7. For Time and All Eternity
  8. The Hollywood Shuffle
  9. Things Fall Apart
  10. Christ the Tiger
  11. Reason for the Hope
  12. Music under the Mercy
  13. Welcome All Wonders
  14. Further Up and Further In
Coda: The Road Goes Ever On
Appendix 1: Credits and Discography
Appendix 2: Texts of Concert Works

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