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Product Code: UB032
Title: Under the Prophet in Utah: Polygamy After the Manifesto & Church Interference in Politics
Author: Frank J. Cannon
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $8.00
Date: 1911
Pages: 402
Additional Info: Written by a Former United States Senator From Utah
Reprint of Original 1911 Ed.


Cannon was a United States Senator from Utah and the son of George Q. Cannon, a member of the First Presidency. Shows how the Mormon leaders broke their covenants to the nation and continued to live in polygamy after the manifesto. Also shows how the leaders interfered in politics.

Table of Contents


  1. In the Days of the Raid
  2. On a Mission to Washington
  3. Without a Country
  4. The Manifesto
  5. On the Road to Freedom
  6. The Goal—and After
  7. The First Betrayals
  8. The Church and the Interests
  9. At the Crossways
  10. On the Downward Path
  11. The Will of the Lord
  12. The Conspiracy Completed
  13. The Smoot Exposure
  14. Treason Triumphant
  15. The Struggle for Liberty
  16. The Price of Protest
  17. The New Polygamy
  18. The Prophet of Mammon
  19. The Subjects of the Kingdom
  20. Conclusion

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