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Product Code: XB296
Title: Understanding the Book of Mormon
Author: Ross Anderson
Publisher: Zondervan
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $13.50
Date: 2009
Pages: 116
Additional Info: A Quick Christian Guide to the Mormon Holy Book


(From back cover.)

What You Need to Know About the Book of Mormon

  • What is the Book of Mormon and what does it teach?
  • How did the Book of Mormon come to be written?
  • How do Mormons use the Book of Mormon?
  • How does the Book of Mormon differ from the Bible?
  • Are there problems with the Book of Mormon?

"These and other questions are the focus of former Mormon Ross Anderson's Understanding the Book of Mormon, a fair and indispensable guide for anyone wishing to understand and engage with Mormons on issues of faith."

Table of Contents


  1. The Gold Bible: What Is the Book of Mormon?
  2. A Tale of Two Civilizations: What Is the Book of Mormon About?
  3. The Mysterious Origin of the Book of Mormon: Where Did the Book of Mormon Come From?
  4. The Fullness of the Everlasting gospel? What Does the Book of Mormon Teach?
  5. New Scriptures for the Last Days: How Does the Book of Mormon Relate to Other LDS Scriptures?
  6. Another Testament of Jesus Christ: How Does the Book of Mormon Relate to the Bible?
  7. Search for a Missing Civilization: Is the Book of Mormon Really an Ancient Book?
  8. The Keystone of the Mormon Faith: How Do Latter-day Saints Use the Book of Mormon?
  9. With Gentleness and Respect: How Do We Talk to Latter-day Saints about the Book of Mormon?

Discussion Questions

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