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Product Code: XB096
Title: Understanding Mormonism: Mormonism and Christianity Compared
Author: Sandra and Conrad Sundholm
Publisher: Truth Publishing, Inc.
Price: $14.00
Date: 1996
Pages: 190
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Handy side by side comparisons of LDS beliefs with standard Christian beliefs. Good study manual countering LDS arguments.

Table of Contents

In Loving Dedication
Our Personal Testimony
The Iceberg Principle
Overview: Two Incompatible Traditions
How to Use this Resource Manual


  1. Universal Apostasy and Restoration
  2. Joseph Smith, LDS Prophet
  3. The LDS Priesthood
  4. The LDS Scriptures
  5. Man's Relationship to God
  6. The Godhead
  7. The Mormon Temple
  8. End of the Age and the Second Coming


  1. Conclusion: Two Incompatible Traditions Confirmed
  2. The Language of Mormonism
  3. Annotated Bibliography
  4. Index

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