Unbound, Unblinded, and Redeemed: My Journey from Mormonism to Christianity

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Product Code: XB333
Title: Unbound, Unblinded, and Redeemed: My Journey from Mormonism to Christianity
Author: Shawna K. Lindsey
Publisher: Shawna K. Lindsey
List Price: $12.99
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Date: 2010
Pages: 177
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From back cover:

Many people today are naively stating that Mormons are Christians. As a thirty year Mormon, I was taught that God used to be a man. I was taught that God the Father was from the star Kolob. I was taught that I was a procreated spirit sent down to earth and that I would become a god someday. I took blood oath covenants to give everything, even my life to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was taught that the Mormon Church was the stone spoken of in Daniel that was cut out of the mountain that would fill the whole world. Have you heard of the White Horse Prophecy of Joseph Smith? Someday when the United States Constitution would hang by a thread, the Mormon Priesthood would rise up and take over the government. Does this sound like Christianity to you, or more like Islam? This is what Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Glenn Beck, Orrin Hatch, Harry Reid and many other prominent Mormons have been taught also.

Table of Contents

  1. Wrapped Up Tight in Silk Chains
  2. It is All About the Kingdom
  3. The Velvet Prison of the Kingdom of Joseph Smith
  4. My Freedom as a Daughter of Perdition
  5. My Record of Liberation
  6. The Power of a Hymn
  7. The Reality of Today
  8. Mormonism: In Their Own Words

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