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Product Code: XB054
Title: Things in Heaven and Earth
Author: Thomas G. Alexander
Publisher: Signature Books
List Price: $26.95
Our Price: $24.50
Date: 1991
Pages: 484
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Well written biography of one of Smith's close friends and early church leader. Woodruff, fourth president of the LDS Church, is best known as the man who issued the "Manifesto" putting an end to the church's practice of polygamy.

Table of Contents


  1. Out of the Wilderness
  2. Scenes from a Spiritual Youth
  3. Israel Must Be Gathered
  4. United Brethren
  5. Laying the Business of the Church Upon the Hands of the Twelve
  6. To the Valleys of the Mountains
  7. In the East
  8. Salt Lake City in the 1850s
  9. Trial and Transformation in the Kingdom
  10. Economic, Family, and Religious Change
  11. Turbulence and Challenge
  12. The Mormon Revolution
  13. Temple, Church, and Home
  14. The Final Years

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