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Product Code: XB239
Title: Suddenly Strangers: Surrendering Gods and Heroes
Author: Brad L. Morin and Chris L. Morin
Publisher: Aventine Press
List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $15.50
Date: 2004
Pages: 294
Additional Info:


"The ideal of being a rational person is to, at some point, critically examine one's own inherited beliefs. Yet, few who do take up this challenge are equipped to withstand the self-doubt  and unsettling disorientation which may follow. The narrative of this book is that rare instance where two brothers of deep moral conviction and intelligence summon the energy and conviction to see this ordeal through to its conclusion. The end result unmasks insights of enduring power. This book has the appeal of a good mystery, and I had the same sense of satisfaction of a mystery being solved." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents

  1. All American Family
  2. Rapt in the Faith
  3. Fallible Minds (Brad)
  4. Living the Great Plan of Happiness (Chris)
  5. The Tip of the Iceberg (Brad)
  6. Critical Discoveries (Brad)
  7. The Hell of Heaven Gone Wrong (Brad)
  8. Backing Away (Brad)
  9. A Paradigm in Peril (Chris)
  10. Looking Behind the Curtain (Chris)
  11. Free at Last (Chris)
  12. Suddenly Strangers (Brad)
  13. I Don't Want to Know (Brad)
  14. Still Entangled, Still Engaged (Chris)
  15. Lies to Die For (Brad)
  16. Hidden Legacy (Brad)
  17. Sailing Without a Banner (Chris)

Appendix: In the Name of God

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