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Product Code: XB100
Title: Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons
Author: Mark J. Cares
Publisher: Wels Outreach Resources
Price: $20.00
Date: 1998
Pages: 313
Additional Info:  


Pastor Cares, after serving in Idaho for years, shares his insights for witnessing to LDS people in an attitude of love. Good overview and helpful suggestions.

Table of Contents

Part One: Know Mormons


  1. Know Their Goals
  2. Know Their Plan-Chronologically
  3. Know Their Plan-Theologically
  4. Know Their Authority
  5. Know Their Culture
  6. Know Their Attractions/Stresses

Part Two: Reach Mormons

  1. Reach Mormons with the Power of God's Word
  2. Reach Mormons with the Hard-Hitting Law
  3. Reach Mormons with the Sweet Gospel
  4. Reach Mormons with Love
  5. Reach Mormons with Attention to Their Arguments
  6. Reach Mormon Missionaries
  7. Reach Mormons and Keep Them
Glossary: Dictionary of Mormonese

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