Rise of Mormonism Second Edition

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Product Code: XB256
Title: The Rise of Mormonism: 1816-1844 (Second Edition)
Author: H. Michael Marquardt
Publisher: Xulon Press
Price: $29.00
Date: 2013
Pages: 421
Additional Info: Revised and Enlarged


From back cover:

The Rise of Mormonism: 1816–1844 is a unique book that examines the early beginnings of this religious movement. This revised second edition clarifies and includes additional sources to this study. Here is an open, honest, and refreshing history of the foundational years of the Latter-day restoration movement. You may have heard that Joseph Smith (1805–1844) was the prophet of Mormonism. But do you know the story behind the gold plates? This book examines the background, evolution, conflicts, and sacrifices made by church members. Primary sources are used that cover the unique teachings of Smith, including the scriptures he produced. The newly released Book of Commandments and Revelations manuscript is consulted. The theology of the founding prophet evolves away from the early teachings in the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith made changes to his revelations and also to his early story. This book includes four chapters on plural marriage. If you want to know the history and basis for every church whose teachings go back to the Book of Mormon this is the book. Read from the records of the day.

Table of Contents

Common Abbreviations


  1. Relocation to Palmyra and Manchester, New York
  2. Palmyra Revival of 1842-1825
  3. Secular and Religious Background
  4. Manchester Scryer
  5. The Treasure
  6. Smith Family Activities
  7. Life in Harmony, Pennsylvania
  8. Publication of the Book of Mormon
  9. Literary Dependence in the Book of Mormon: Two Studies
  10. Restoring the Church of Christ
  11. New Jerusalem in America
  12. Revelations through Joseph Smith
  13. Missionary Work
  14. Bible Revision
  15. Priesthood Restoration
  16. Papyri and Writings of Abraham
  17. House of the Lord: The Kirtland Temple
  18. Problems at Kirtland
  19. Dissenters and Danites
  20. Developments in Theology
  21. Building Nauvoo
  22. Priesthood Ordinances
  23. Plural Wives in Nauvoo
  24. Sarah Ann Whitney
  25. Emily Dow Partridge
  26. More on Nauvoo Plural Wives
  27. Tragedy: Death of a Prophet

Conclusion — Progress of Mormonism
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