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Product Code: UP020
Title: Richardson's Monitor of Free-Masonry
Author: Jabez Richardson
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $10.00
Date: 1860
Pages: 192
Additional Info: Being A Practical Guide To The Ceremonies In All The Degrees Conferred In Masonic Lodges, Chapters, Encampments, &c. Explaining The Signs, Tokens And Grips, And Giving All the Words, Pass-Words, Sacred Words, Oaths, And Hieroglyphics Used By Masons.

The Ineffable And Historical Degrees Are Also Given In Full.


A very detailed account of Free-Masonry done in 1860.

This is a bound photocopy of the 1860 edition.

Table of Contents

  • Brazen Serpent, Knight of
  • Commander of the Temple
  • Chief of the Tabernacle
  • Chritian Mark, Knights of
  • Cross, Order of
  • Entered Apprentice
  • Fellow Craft
  • Grand Elect and Perfect Mason
  • Grand Inspector General
  • Grand Master Architect
  • Grand Master of Symbolic Lodges
  • Grand Pontiff
  • Harodim, Prince of
  • Heroine of Jericho
  • Historical and Philosophical Degrees
  • Holy Sepulchre, Knights of
  • Ineffable Degrees
  • Intendant of the Building
  • Intimate Secretary
  • Inspector General
  • Knights of the Brazen Serpent
  • Knights of the Christian Mark
  • Knight of the Eagle and Pelican
  • Knights of the East and West
  • Knight of the East
  • Knight of Kadosh
  • Knight of the Ninth Arch
  • Knights of the Red Cross
  • Knight of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Knight of the Sun
  • Knight of the Sword
  • Knights Templars
  • Knights of Three Kings
  • Master Mason
  • Mark Master
  • Master Elect of Nine
  • Master Elect of Fifteen
  • Master of Symbolic Lodges
  • Most Excellent Master
  • Ninth Arch, Knights of
  • Order of the Cross
  • Order of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Order of Knights Templars
  • Past Master
  • Perfect Master
  • Perfect and Sublime Mason
  • Prince of Jerusalem
  • Prince of Mercy
  • Prince of Rose-Croix
  • Prince of the Royal Secret
  • Prince of the Tabernacle
  • Provost and Judge
  • Royal Arch Degree
  • Royal Secret, Sublime Prince of
  • Royal Master
  • Secret Master
  • Secret Monitor
  • Select Master
  • Sovereign Commander of the Temple
  • Sovereign Inspector General
  • Super-Excellent Master
  • Sublime Knights Elected

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