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Product Code: XB308
Title: Reasons for Disbelief

Peter Elliott

Publisher: LifeLine Ministries To RLDS
Price: $8.50
Date: 2010
Pages: 127
Additional Info:

One Man's Story of Leaving the RLDS/Community of Christ Church


From back cover:

It takes courage and honesty to critically examine the faith you were brought up with-without rejecting God altogether. Reasons for Disbelief chronicles just such an examination. Peter Elliott's family had been members of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS — now called Community of Christ) for five generations. In his early twenties, however, Peter began honestly exploring his family's faith for himself. This book is the result of that investigation. Originally selfpublished in 1980, it documents both how the traditional RLDS beliefs were historically untenable, and also how the later RLDS leadership tried to distance itself from these beliefs without openly denying them. This expanded edition contains a new preface and postscript, and includes previously unpublished correspondence with RLDS church leadership.

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. The First Vision
  3. The Witnesses
  4. The Book of Mormon
  5. The Book of Abraham
  6. The Inspired Version
  7. Polygamy/Adultery
  8. Baptism for the Dead
  9. Plurality of Gods
  10. Superstition and the Occult
  11. Prophet, Seer and Revelator?
  12. Conclusion


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