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Product Code: XB078
Title: A Ready Defense: The Best of Josh McDowell
Author: Josh McDowell
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Price: $20.00
Date: 1993
Pages: 495
Additional Info: Compiled by Bill Wilson


An easy-reference encyclopedia of historical, scientific and philosophical evidences affirming the validity of the Christian faith.

Table of Contents

  1. He Changed My Life

Section 1: The Bible and Its Reliability

Part I: The Bible—I Trust It!
  1. Is the Bible Relevant Today?
  2. The Uniqueness of the Bible
  3. Who Decided What to Accept Into the Bible?
  4. Is the Bible Reliable?
  5. Old Testament Prophecy Fulfilled in History
  6. Is the New Testament Historically Reliable?
  7. Archaeological Evidence for the Reliability of the Old Testament
  8. Archaeological Evidence for the Reliability of the New Testament
Part II: Answering the Bible's Critics
  1. How Can You Believe in Miracles?
  2. What About All Those Contradictions?
  3. What Is Higher Criticism?
  4. The Documentary Hypothesis
  5. Is the New Testament Filled With Myths?
  6. Inspiration of the Bible
  7. Interpreting the Bible

Section 2: Jesus—His Humanity and Deity

  1. Was Jesus Born of a Virgin?
  2. The Historicity of Jesus
  3. Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus
  4. The Resurrection of Jesus
  5. The Trilemma—Lord, Liar or Lunatic?
  6. Is Jesus Both Messiah and God?
  7. Conclusion—A New Beginning

Section 3: Christianity Compared With Other Religions

Part I: Non-Christian Religions:
  1. Hinduism
  2. Buddhism
  3. Confucianism
  4. Shintoism
  5. Judaism
  6. Islam
Part II: Secular Religions:
  1. Agnosticism, Atheism and Secular Humanism
  2. Marxism
Part III: Cults:
  1. Jehovah's Witnesses
  2. Mormonism
  3. Other Popular Cults
Part IV: The Occult
  1. The Occult Phenomena
  2. Satanism and Demon Possession
  3. Astrolgoy
  4. False Prophets
  5. The Authority of the Believer

Section 4: Questions Most Asked About Christianity

  1. Questions About God
  2. Questions About Faith and Reason

Section 5: The Uniqueness of the Christian Experience

  1. Is the Christian Experience Just a Delusion?
  2. Did You Hear What Happened to Saul?
  3. Martyrs and Confessors
  4. Still Changing Lives

Appendix: Would You Like to Know God Personally?

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