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Product Code: XB116
Title: The Prophet Puzzle: Interpretive Essays on Joseph Smith
Author: Ed. Bryan Waterman
Publisher: Signature Books
List Price: $18.95
Our Price: $17.00
Date: 1999
Pages: 352
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Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

  1. The Place of Joseph Smith in the Development of American Religion: A Historiographical Inquiry
    Thomas G. Alexander
  2. The Prophet Puzzle: Suggestions Leading toward a More Comprehensive Interpretation of Joseph Smith
    Jan Shipps
  3. "The Prophet Puzzle" Revisited
    Dan Vogel
  4. Joseph Smith as Translator
    Richard L. Bushman
  5. Joseph Smith: "The Gift of Seeing"
    Richard S. Van Wagoner and Steven C. Walker
  6. Joseph Smith, the Mormons, and Antebellum Reform—A Closer Look
    Newell G. Bringhurst
  7. Rediscovering the Context of Joseph Smith's Treasure Seeking
    Alan Taylor
  8. Joseph Smith: America's Hermetic Prophet
    Lance S. Owens
  9. How Joseph Smith Resolved the Dilemmas of American Romanticism
    Eugene England
  10. The Psychology of Religious Genius: Joseph Smith and the Origin of New Religious Movements
    Lawrence Foster
  11. Toward an Introduction to a Psychobiography of Joseph Smith
    Robert D. Anderson
  12. Joseph Smith and the Hazards of Charismatic Leadership
    Gary James Bergera
  13. Joseph Smith's "Inspired Translation" of Romans 7
    Ronald V. Huggins
  14. "The Lord Said, Thy Wife Is a Very Fair Woman to Look Upon": The Book of Abraham, Secrets, and Lying for the Lord
    Susan Staker
  15. Knowing Brother Joseph Again: The Book of Abraham and Joseph Smith as Translator
    Karl C. Sandberg
Epilogue: The King Follett Discourse, Excerpts
Joseph Smith

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