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Product Code: UB083
Title: Point by Point
Author: Steven Lee
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $5.00
Date: 2003
Pages: 81
Additional Info:

A Critique of WHICH CHURCH IS TRUE? A Process of Elimination Using the Bible

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Point by Point is a response to a common list of questions designed by Mormons in an attempt to show that theirs is the "One True Church." It is written so that the differences between Christian and Mormon teaching can be quickly understood. This booklet will help give an overview of many of the typical topics that are discussed by Mormons and Christians. This resource is intended to be a ready reference guide to aid in responding to the claims of Mormon friends, family members and others.

Table of Contents

Background and Introduction

Test #

  1. Does God Have a Body?
  2. Is the Godhead One in Purpose or in Body?
  3. How is the True Church to be Organized?
  4. From Where Does the True Church Get Its Authority?
  5. Did Revelation Cease Upon Christ's Death?
  6. Are Prophets Necessary in Our Day?
  7. Should We Pay Our Ministers?
  8. Does the Bible Ask Us to Pay Tithing?
  9. Does the Bible Tell Us We Should Be Careful of How We Take Care of Our Bodies?
  10. Is Faith the Only Saving Principle?
  11. How Should We Be Baptized?
  12. How Does One Receive the Holy Ghost?
  13. Can One Be Healed By Faith and Laying On of Hands?
  14. Who Will Be Resurrected?
  15. Will Resurrected Beings Have a Body?
  16. Are Our Works Here on Earth Important?
  17. Are There Different Degrees of Glory for the Resurrected Being?
  18. Did Your Spirit Live Before You Were Born?
  19. Will You Go to a Spirit World After You Die?
  20. What About "Proxy" Baptism for Those Who Have Died?
  21. Can You Be Married to Your Mate Forever?
  22. Where Will the True Church Be Established in These Latter Days?
  23. Is Israel to be Gathered?
  24. Is the Bible Our Only Book of Scriptures?
  25. How Many Churches Believe That Elijah Has Come?
  26. After Whom Should the Church Be Named?
  27. Should Members of the True Church Be Called Saints?

Closing Remarks
Scripture Index
Resource and Reference List

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