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Product Code: XB045
Title: Orrin Porter Rockwell: Man of God / Son of Thunder
Author: Harold Schindler
Publisher: University of Utah Press
List Price: $21.95
Our Price: $20.00
Date: 1993
Pages: 417
Additional Info: Illustrations by Dale Bryner


Best biography of Rockwell, a Mormon from the very beginning of the movement His controversial life included membership in the Danites, the Council of Fifty and charges of various murders.

Table of Contents


  1. Valley of the Big Blue
  2. The Sons of Dan
  3. The City of Joseph
  4. The Destroying Angel
  5. Leg Irons and Vermin
  6. "The Deed Is Done Before This Time"
  7. A Prophet Avenged
  8. The Plainsman
  9. Zion
  10. Sam Brannan
  11. Peacepipes and Gunsmoke
  12. Mail, Money, and Murder
  13. A Call to Arms
  14. Six Fine-Looking Men
  15. Zion Invaded
  16. Of Death and Dying
  17. Slaughter at Bear River
  18. Myth and Man
  19. The Gathering Twilight
  20. Trail's End

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