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Product Code: UP018
Title: Origin, Rise, and Progress of Mormonism: Biography of Its Founders and History of Its Church
Author: Pomeroy Tucker
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $27.00
Date: 1867
Pages: 302
Additional Info: Photocopy of Original 1867 Ed.


Mr. Tucker, a non-Mormon, was a resident of Palmyra, NY, during Smith's early years and was acquainted with the Smith family, Martin Harris and Oliver Cowdery. For many years he was also the editor of the local newspaper, the Wayne Sentinel.

Table of Contents


  1. Biography of Joseph Smith, Jr.
  2. Smith's Money-Digging
  3. Mysterious Stranger
  4. Budding of the Mormon Church
  5. New Translations
  6. Publication of the Mormon Bible
  7. Modified Revelation
  8. Style of the New Revelation
  9. Origin of the Book of Mormon
  10. Kirtland, Ohio
  11. Mormons in Missouri
  12. Mormons settle at Nauvoo
  13. The Polygamous Revelation
  14. Exodus from Illinois
  15. Political and Military
  16. Modified Theology

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