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Product Code: XB312
Title: On the Mormon Frontier: The Diary of Hosea Stout, 1844-1889
Editor: Juanita Brooks
Publisher: University of Utah Press
List Price: $39.95
Our Price: $36.00
Date: 2009
Pages: 769
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From back cover:

Hosea Stout was at the center of things, an active participant in and creator of the mainstream of early Mormon history. He held positions of responsibility in church, civic, and governmental organizations and so was able to observe and record events of great moment as well as moving experiences from his daily life. His associations with the highest ecclesiastical and civil authorities gave Stout familiarity with conversations and transactions that were outside the knowledge of many diarists.

At various times he was an officer in the militia in Illinois and Utah, chief of police at Nauvoo and at Winter Quarters on the Missouri River, attorney general of the state of Deseret and the territory of Utah, and president of the house of the Utah Territorial Legislature. Nowhere did his position and ability as a diarist serve better than in his recording of the proceedings of the territorial legislature. Stout's writings offer a more informative and detailed account of the affairs of the legislative assembly than is provided in the official published journals of that body, and his diaries are key documents for enriching our understanding of early LDS history.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Volume One: 1844-1848

  • Part I. October 4, 1844 to May 14, 1845
  • Part II. May 15, 1845 to February 9, 1846
  • Part III. February 10, 1846 to September 22, 1846
  • Part IV. September 23, 1846 to September 25, 1848

Volume Two: 1848-1889

  • Part I. September 25, 1848 to August 27, 1852
  • Part II. August 28, 1852 to December 31, 1853
  • Part III. January 1, 1854 to June 30, 1857
  • Part IV. July 1, 1857 to December 25, 1859
  • Part V. The Yeqar 1860 to March 2, 1889



  • Photograph of Hosea Stout, about 1852
  • Map of Nauvoo
  • Daguerreotype of Nauvoo, ca. 1843
  • Photograph of Louisa Taylor
  • Photograph of Allen J. Stout
  • Sketch of Council Bluffs
  • Photograph of Hosea Stout, about 1885
  • Salt Lake City about 1870
  • Utah Territorial Militia (Nauvoo Legion)
  • City Hall
  • County Court House
  • Council House
  • Hosea Stout Home
  • Alvira Wilson Stout
  • Hosea Stout's Cottonwood Home


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