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Product Code: UP016
Title: Mormon Portraits: Joseph Smith The Prophet—His Family and His Friends
Author: Dr. W. Wyl
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $30.00
Date: 1886
Pages: 320
Additional Info: Photocopy of Original 1886 Ed.


A compilation of unflattering interviews with various people associated with Mormonism through the years, such as Abigail Harris (wife of Martin Harris), Sarah Pratt (wife of Orson Pratt), C. G. Webb (father of one of Brigham Young's wives). Also, extracts from various publications of the day.

Table of Contents

  • Testimonials
  • Letter to the Public
  • The Prophet's Parents
  • Views of Joseph Smith
  • Joseph Smith and his Plates
  • Joseph likes his Glass
  • Joseph the Wrestler
  • Joseph as a Student
  • Joseph's Habits, etc.
  • Joseph as a Preacher
  • Joseph as a General
  • Joseph as a Preidential Candidate
  • Joseph and Nero Boggs
  • The Lord's Bankers in Kirtland
  • Counterfeiting Apostles
  • Joseph in Money Matters
  • Secret Murders in Nauvoo
  • Stealing in Nauvoo
  • The Don Juan of Nauvoo
  • The Nauvoo Pandemonium
  • Emma, the Prophet's Wife
  • The Revelation on Polygamy
  • The Prophet's Brothers
  • President Sidney Rigdon
  • Dr. John C. Bennett
  • The Nauvoo Catastrophe
  • The Lynching of Joseph Smith
  • Danites and Destroying Angels
  • Joseph as Seer and Translator
  • The Kinderhook Plates
  • The Book of Abraham


  1. The affidavits of 1833 and 1834
  2. The Gold Bible Company
  3. Spaulding's "Manuscript Found"
  4. Rigdon and Spaulding's Manuscript
  5. The Army of Zion
  6. Affidavits of Fanny Brewer and Others
  7. Polygamy in Kirtland
  8. Dr. Isaac Galland
  9. Setting up the Kingdom
  10. Rockwell and Governor Boggs
  11. Martha Brotherton's Affidavit
  12. Evidence in the Trial of Joseph Smith, etc.
  13. Joseph's real Character
  14. Patriarchal Blessings
  15. History of the Endowments
  16. The Mormon Prophetess
  17. Old Joe and Old Lucy
  18. Nauvoo City Ordinances
  19. Nauvoo City Officers
  20. The Nauvoo University
  21. The Nauvoo Legion
  22. Miss Nancy Rigdon
  23. The Lord Corrects Himself
  24. Brother Brigham Damns Sister Emma
  25. D. Whitmer Ordained Joseph's Successor
  26. The Nauvoo Seraglio
  27. A Love Letter by Joseph
  28. "Two Minutes in Goal"
  29. Origin of the Word "Mormon"
  30. Apostolic Sprees
  31. The Canada Revelation
  32. The Treasures of Salem
  33. Destruction of the "Expositor"
  34. "Tallered Rags"

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