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Product Code: XB238
Title: A Mormon Odyssey
Author: Tamra Jean Braithwaite
Publisher: Xlibris
Retail Price: $22.99
Our Price: $20.50
Date: 2003
Pages: 372
Additional Info:


"A Mormon Odyssey takes the reader into the heart and soul of a Mormon couple who discover that the religion of their heritage is laced with a web of lies, deceit, and cover-up.

"They began their journeys separately, each motivated by a desire to learn the unvarnished truth about the religion they had come to embrace. As they followed the trail of Mormonism from before its inception they discovered a history at odds with itself, where truth was illusive and nothing was what it seemed.

"Join their heart-wrenching journey through Mormonism and beyond. Based upon the personal experiences of the author and her husband followed by an in-depth research into the original documentation of the religion, they learn things about the Mormon Church and themselves that they never dreamed. Their integrity is tested, their minds are challenged, and their hearts are broken. It took tremendous courage and commitment to take such a journey but in the end they have triumphed, discovering that spirituality lives in the heart of the individual not in religious doctrine.

"A Mormon Odyssey is so touching, so informative, and so thoroughly documented that it may well change the reader's life." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents

Empty Your Cup


  1. Mormonism and Me
         In The Beginning
  2. Tragedy Strikes
  3. What We Were Taught About Mormonism
         Temple Preparation
  4. The House of the Lord
  5. Fear, Faith, or Love?
         Mind Control
  6. The Mormon View of God the Father and Jesus Christ
  7. The Nature of Man
         Personal Testimony
              The Blacks
              The Indians (Lamanites)
              The Indian Placement Program
  8. Mesa, Arizona
         Miss Molly Mormon
  9. Manti, Utah
         Temple Calling
         Mormonism Born Anew In Manti
  10. Heartbroken
         My Last Stand, or Am I Going Crazy?
  11. My Sacred Quest
         Horses, Tapirs, Deer or Deceit?
         The Smithsonian Report
  12. The Man Named Joseph
         Lucy Mack Smith and Family
         Joseph Smith Senior and Family
         Treasure Seeker
         Isaac Hale
         Joseph Jr. and Emma
  13. Betrayed and Heartbroken
         The First Vision
         Divine Contradictions
         The Gold Plates
              Translating the Gold Plates
              The Witnesses
         The Book of Mormon
              Publishing the Book of Mormon
              Language & Culture
              DNA Research
              Significant Problems with the Book of Mormon
         Persecution and Death
         Emma's Letter
              The Book of Abraham
              The Kinderhook Plates
  14. Quantum Leap
         Is Honesty Important?
         Mass Movement
  15. Letting Go
         Recovery from Mormonism
  16. The Gift
         A Dialogue with My Soul
  17. Larry's Journey
         The House of the Lord (The Mormon Temple)
         Baptism for the Dead
         The New and Everlasting Covenant (Celestial Marriage)
         Initiatory Ordinances (Preliminary to the Endowment)
         The Mormon Endowment (Key Parts Only—Not Complete)
         The Sealing (Temple Wedding)
         Sealing Children to Parents
         The Second Anointing or Endowment
         The Holy Garment
  18. The Search for Truth
         A Brief History of the Early LDS Temple Endowment Kirtland, Ohio
         Changes in the Temple Ceremony
         Sealing Men to Men
         Blood Oaths
  19. Masonry & The Mormon Temple Ceremony
  20. Mountain Meadow Massacre
         The Untold Story
         Special Report on the Mountain Meadows Massacre By Brevet Major J. H. Carleton, U.S.A.
         Last Confession and Statement of John D. Lee. (1877 edition of Mormonism Unveiled)
  21. Defining Moment
  22. Exodus
  23. Tell the Truth
         Common-Sense Obituary

     Building Your Field of Dreams By Mary Marin Morrissey
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