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Product Code: UB029
Title: The Mormon Kingdom Vol. 1
Author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $6.00
Date: 1969
Pages: 172
Additional Info: Digital Book Version Available


Contains an account of the 1969 temple ceremony. Also discusses earlier changes in the ceremony and garments, the relationship to Masonry, the "oath of vengeance," the doctrine of Blood Atonement, baptism for the dead, the Danites, the Council of 50, the failure of the Kirtland Bank, the war in Missouri, Joseph Smith's secret ordination as King and his candidacy for President of the United States.

Table of Contents


  1. Conflict
  2. Wordly Riches
  3. Polygamy and Blood Atonement
  4. Materials for an Explosion
  5. The Danites
  6. War in Missouri
  7. After the War
  8. A Treasonous Plot
  9. Temple Work
  10. The Temple Ceremony
  11. Changes in Ceremony
  12. Testimony on Ceremony
  13. The Masonic Influence

Appendix; Published Accounts of the Temple Ceremonies

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