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Product Code: UP008
Title: Mormonism: Its Rise, Progress, and Present Condition
Embracing the Narrative of Mrs. Mary Ettie V. Smith of Her Residence and Experience of Fifteen Years with the Mormons
Author: N. W. Green
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $42.00
Date: 1870
Pages: 472
Additional Info: Photocopy of Original 1870 Ed.


Mary Ettie V. Smith gives a narrative of her fifteen years as a Mormon, living in Nauvoo, then later in Utah. She tells of the early struggles with polygamy, denials by the leaders that it was practiced, and how she was coerced into a plural marriage, plus the details of life among the Mormons.

Table of Contents


  1. My Birth and Parentage
  2. A Storm Gathering
  3. Death of the Prophet
  4. Endowments
  5. The Exodus
  6. A Night with the Dead and the Wolves
  7. Seeking my Mother
  8. Among the Gentiles
  9. More Wives
  10. Reconciled—Finding my Mother
  11. The Family Broken Up
  12. The Parting—Crossing the Tankio
  13. Offer of Marriage—Setting out for "Zion"
  14. Great Salt Lake City, Utah
  15. Church Polity
  16. Reuben P. Smith's Arrival—Narrow Escape from becoming a "Spiritual"
  17. "Sealed" to the Butcher for Eternity—A Fearful Discovery
  18. The Escape
  19. My Father's Friend—Dr. Roberts
  20. Preparing to Entrap an Old Man
  21. Robbery and Probable Murder of Dr. Roberts
  22. Sealed for Time
  23. Intrigues of Brigham Young
  24. The Story of Wallace Alonzo Clark Bowman
  25. Fate of Bowman
  26. Mormon Jesuitism
  27. The Story of William Mac
  28. Milking a Gentile
  29. Punishment of Heresy
  30. Tooille
  31. The Flight and Recapture
  32. Hope
  33. Going to the Land of my Birth
  34. Crossing the Webber—Perils by the Way
  35. Crossing the Plains
  36. Conclusion

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