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Product Code: XB327
Title: Mormonism: A Life Under False Pretenses (2nd Edition)
Author: Lee B. Baker
Price: $13.00
Date: 2010
Pages: 369
Additional Info: The True Story of a Mormon Bishop's Journey of Discovery


From back cover:

The fundamental difference that sets the Mormon Church apart from all truly Christian churches is the sinister and self-serving distortion of the very personality and character of the Lord Jesus Christ. For Mormonism to be true, Christ Himself must be corrupted into one who authorized horrible behaviour, thus rendering the past Mormon Prophets completely blameless concerning the motivations for their unspeakable actions.

Within the formal teachings of the Mormon Church, Jesus Christ Himself, and not the Mormon Prophets, is the author of polygamy, polyandry, and blood atonement. Under His direction alone, Joseph Smith Jr. was "commanded" to take some thirty wives, two as young as fourteen years of age. Mormons are instructed that it was the Lord, and no one else, who required Joseph to take the wives of eleven other men as his own (known as polyandry), as well as two sets of sisters and a mother and her daughter as his wives, while at the same time attempting to become president of the United States of America.

Brigham Young, as the living prophet of God, taught through "Divinely inspired revelation from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, the core values of blood atonement. Reportedly under direction from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Brigham instructed that some sins of this world require the neck of the sinner to be slit from ear to ear so that the sinner's blood could atone for certain violations of Mormon doctrine. Mormons are taught that Brigham young also was commanded by the Lord to take fifty-five wives, including some previous wives of Joseph Smith.

Defense of these disgusting misrepresentations of the very nature and character of the Lord continues today within the walls of Mormon chapels and Mormon temples throughout the world. This book examines real-world examples of how these beliefs are covered up so that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints might better hide among true believers in the compassionate Savior of all mankind, Christ Jesus. He and His holy name have been disgracefully used so that self-centered men might gain some measure of power, prestige, and perversion.

This book recounts the true-life experiences of a Mormon Bishop, who for thirty years was a High Priest, Elders Quorum President, and a member of three High Counsels for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons. He has participated in hundreds of Mormon Temple Endowments and witnessed firsthand the practices of ceremonial rituals in which the taking of human life was mimicked, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents


  • A Personal Account of the Deception and Deceit of Mormonism
    • The Authority of the Church Leadership
    • Asking for the Truth About the "True Church"
    • Why Is This Story So Important?
    • The Lie for a Friend
    • The Truth Matters—It Really Does
    • The Character of Joseph Smith Matters
    • Protecting the Good Name of the Church
    • A Personal Invitation From the Author


  • The Mormon Legacy of Deflecting Dishonesty on Deity
    • Group One-Doing the Right Thing before the Lord
    • Group Two-Doing the Right Thing within One's Calling
    • Group Three-Defending the Good Name of the Church
    • These Subjects and Comments Are Obviously Anti-Mormon
    • Teachings of the Past Prophets and the Value of a Living Prophet
    • A Selective Lack of Knowledge
    • The Fundamental Conclusions of This Chapter


  • Following the Prophet: The Art of Personal Responsibility and Discernment
    • The Rockwood Doctrine


  • Read, Study, Ponder, and Pray: The Trauma of Learning the Truth
    • The Truth Matters
    • Anti-Mormon or Simply True?
    • Spiritual Loyalty—to My Church or My God?
    • How Can We Come to Know of Something without Asking?
    • Polyandry, Taking the Wife of Another Man, Is Worse Than Polygamy
    • Blood Atonement in the Modern Mormon Temple
    • We Do Not Teach That Anymore; It Is In Our Past
    • The Power and Authority of the Mormon Priesthood
    • The Book of Mormon—An Inspired, Invented, or Imitated Manuscript?
    • Two Sets of Scriptures—The Church Hides Polygamy
    • A Mormon History of Anti-American Teachings and Actions
    • The Fundamental Conclusions of This Chapter


  • Leadership of the Church: A Lower Standard of Conduct
    • Michael D. Jones—Mormon Stake President
    • Deceit and Deception on a Personal Level
    • Do as I Say, Not as I Do
    • An Assessment of My Excommunication
    • Diametrically Opposed Statements and Actions
    • J.W. Marriott Jr.—Area Authority Seventy and Billionaire
    • Lorin M. Lund—Mormon Stake Presidency
    • Richard D. Merkley—Mormon Bishop
    • Rodney J. Tarullo—Mormon High Priest Group Leader
    • The Fundamental Conclusions of This Chapter


  • Questions to Ask a Latter-day Saint
    • Knowing the Truth Will Improve Your Testimony of Jesus Christ
    • A Bizarre and Hypocritical Conversation
    • The Lorin M. Lund Questions
    • The Fundamental Conclusions of This Chapter


  • Recovery and Rededication
    • The First Steps of Recovery
    • The Fundamental Conclusions of This Chapter


  • Important Documents


  • Mormon History—A Short Chronology of Significant Events


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