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Product Code: XB388
Title: Misguided by Mormonism but Redeemed by God's Grace
Author: Christina R. Darlington
Publisher: Christina R. Darlington
List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $15.00
Date: 2019
Pages: 282
Additional Info: Leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Biblical Christianity


From back cover:

Have you ever considered sharing your Biblical Christian Faith with a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church?

Within the past few years, the basic relationship between the Mormon and the Christian has changed forever. For the first time in the history of the Mormon Church, authentic and realistic Mormon doctrine and history are now available to you through the Mormon Church's official website.

As director of a ministry to Mormons, I speak from personal experience, and I and our ministry team desire to help guide you in bringing the Mormon people to an accurate knowledge of Mormon doctrine and their church's history of deception so that Mormons can come to know Jesus Christ in simplicity and truth as He is taught in the Bible. Learn how to use the Mormon Church's official website and scriptures to present the differences between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity to your Mormon (LDS) loved-ones.

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Essays Reveal Mormon Difficulties

  • Witnessing to Mormons Using Their Own Church History
  • How to Use the Gospel Topics Essays
  • Essays on Polygamy
  • Essay on Mormon Violence
  • Essays on Blacks and Women
  • Essays on Unique Mormon Beliefs
  • Essays on the Joseph Smith Story and LDS Scriptures

Chapter Two: Joseph Smith and His Translations

  • Did Joseph Smith See God the Father?
  • Are Feelings the Proper Way to Determine Truth?
  • Did Joseph Smith Lead the Church Astray?
  • Did Joseph Smith Change God's Revelations?
  • Is Black Skin a Curse from God?
  • Where Did the Book of Mormon Come From?
  • Is the Book of Mormon Against Mormonism?
  • Did Joseph Smith Translate Fraudulent Plates?

Chapter Three: The Mormon View of God and Man

  • Was God Once a Man?
  • Are We in the Process of Becoming Gods?
  • Is God's Image Human?
  • Did Jesus Teach Men Can Become Gods?
  • Is God a Trinity?
  • Do Mormons Believe Jesus and Lucifer are Brothers?
  • Did Humans Preexist in Heaven?
  • Will Families Be Together Forever in Heaven?

Chapter Four: Mormonism and the Restoration

  • No Need for a Prophet Today
  • No Need for a Restored Gospel
  • No Need for a Restoration of Gospel Authority
  • No Need for a Restored Priesthood
  • No Need for Restored Temples
  • No Need for Baptism for the Dead
  • No Need for a Restored Bible

Chapter Five: Mormonism and the Five Solas

  • By Faith Alone
  • By Grace Alone
  • In Christ Alone
  • By Scripture Alone
  • To the Glory of God Alone

Chapter Six: You Are Not Alone!

  • Counting the Cost of Leaving Mormonism
  • The Testimony of Rob and Laura Butterfield
  • Counting the Cost with My Family ~ Rob's Experience
  • The Testimony of Bev Wilhelm
  • The Testimony of Phillip and Cheryl Naugle
  • The Testimony of Chuck Matteson

Chapter Seven: Leaving Mormonism

  • After Mormonism, What? ~ Chuck Matteson's Experience
  • Writing Your Resignation Letter ~ Phillip and Cheryl's Template
  • How Do We Know We Can Trust the Bible?
  • Leaving Mormonism ~ A New Life Awaits You!
  • Understanding Grace ~ What is it all about?

About the Author

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