Loved into the Light: Shining God's Light on Mormonism

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Product Code: XB340
Title: Loved into the Light: Shining God's Light on Mormonism
Author: La Vonne Earl
Publisher: Kingdom Press Publishing
Price: $12.50
Date: 2012
Pages: 319
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From back cover:

Loved into the Light is about freedom in God and deliverance from the bondage of man. Written from the personal experiences of an ex-Mormon family, it exposes the emotional, mental, and physical damage that is done as a result of laboring under teachings and leadership that contradicts and conflicts with the Bible, the Word of God.

The book covers many different aspects of Mormon doctrine that led to near disaster in the lives of this one Mormon family. It covers topics such as:

  • Rules
  • The validity of the Bible versus the Book of Mormon
  • Temple Ordinances
  • Racism within the Mormon Church
  • Mormon Garments
  • And so much more

Loved into the Light is a frank appraisal of the consequences of certain beliefs and doctrines within the Mormon Church and, by extension, the beliefs held in any church. The book is a warning about the dangers of wholeheartedly adopting beliefs and doctrine that are not taught by God through His Word.

It also provides the keys to healing for those who find themselves injured by a religious system. It demonstrates the full love of God and how any person can find deliverance, freedom, and healing from God and His Word.

Table of Contents

Purpose for this Book
Introduction: Journey to Freedom


  1. Who Is To Blame for the Fall of Mankind?
  2. Can We Trust God's Word?
  3. What is the True Church?
  4. What Makes a True Prophet?
  5. The Dangers of Polygamy
  6. What Happened to My Sexy Wife?—Garments
  7. Rules, Rules, Rules—Losing the Connection
  8. Baptism, a Necessary Ordinance?
  9. Temple Ordinances, a Roadblock to God
  10. Who Can Be Forgiven?
  11. Do You Trust God?
  12. Freedom versus Control
  13. Transparency
  14. Identity
  15. Does God Love Everyone the Same?
  16. Is the Church Safe or Judgmental?
  17. Your Calling and Outreach
  18. Will I Ever Be a God?
  19. His Great Love

About the Author

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