A Letter to an Apostle

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Product Code: XB378
Title: Letter to an Apostle (A)
Author: Paul A. Douglas
Publisher: Belfast Books
List Price: $25.95
Our Price: $22.00
Date: 2017
Pages: 448
Additional Info: Another Testament of Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon


From back cover:

Paul Douglas was born in Ireland and emigrated to Canada when he was five years of age shortly after his parents joined the LDS Church. His family settled in Edmonton, Alberta, which at that time, consisted of one Branch. The Branch President was N. Eldon Tanner who later became an Apostle himself. Paul has been married to one wife for forty-eight years and they have five children and nine grandchildren. A high priest, he has held Stake and Ward callings, his favorite teaching the Gospel Doctrine class.

Professionally, Paul founded a multinational management training company in 1975 which has offices in the United States and Canada. He holds several degrees in business administration including a B.Com, and Ph.D. as well as a MBA from the University of Alberta where he taught in the Faculty of Business. Paul is a citizen of Canada, the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The Mormon Church is an immensely wealthy, powerful and secretive organization, seeking the time and treasure of sincere, honest people who are often no match for the Church's well-oiled PR machine.

Many members today hunger for honest answers to the many troubling issues that they are becoming increasingly aware of, but the LDS Church itself provides them with only starvation rations.

In this book, Dr. Douglas discusses the greatest challenges to the Mormon Church's truth claims as well as provides the most cogent defenses presented by her 'Apostles' and her apologists.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction

The Letter

  1. A Voice Crying in the Canadian Wilderness

The Interrogatories

Section I - The Book of Mormon

  1. The Absence of Archeological and Anthropological Evidence
  2. The Clock Struck Nine! - Anachronisms in the Book of Mormon
  3. Damned DNA
  4. The Italics on the Cake: Plagiarizing the Bible
  5. Other Contemporary Sources for Joseph's 'Inspiration'
  6. The Most Corrected Book on Earth
  7. Retroactive Revelations: Changes to the D&C
  8. The Fiddler on the Hill Cumorah: Jewish Traditions?
  9. The Fullness of the Gospel?
  10. Seeing Isn't Believing: The "Three Witnesses"
  11. Joe and the Beanstalk: Astonishing Population Growth

Section II - Joseph Smith

  1. That Old Black Magic: Money-Digging, Glass-Looking and the Occult
  2. Joseph's 'Rap Sheet'
  3. The First Vision: The Fourth Time Around
  4. The Method of Translation: South Park had it Right
  5. Smith's Changing View of the Godhead
  6. The Problem with Papyri
  7. Monkey See, Monkey Do: Joseph's Masonic Influence
  8. Waiting for the Miracle - Joseph's False Prophesies
  9. Lies my Prophet Told Me: Undue Influence and Propaganda
  10. Polygamy, Polyandry, and Prevarication
  11. My Fanny Valentine: Joseph Smith's Second 'Wife'?
  12. Young Love: Joseph's Teenage 'Brides'
  13. The Flaming Sword: Coercive Sexual Stratagems
  14. A Lot of Smoke: Accusations of Sexual Harassment
  15. Me, Myself and I: Ego, Pride, and Narcissism
  16. Joe & Jane & Bill & Emma
  17. The Council of 50, the Expositor and the 'End of Days'
  18. The Martyr Had a Six Shooter

Section III - Conclusion

  1. An Apostle's Response
  2. Verdict: The Third Level of Heaven or the Eighth Circle of Hell


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