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Product Code: XB162
Title: Leaving the Fold
Author: James W. Ure
Publisher: Signature Books
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $18.00
Date: 1999
Pages: 253
Additional Info: Candid Conversations with Inactive Mormons


In the eyes of their church they are lost sheep. They have fond memories of the church, but they have reasons for leaving—which James Ure discovers in these remarkable interviews with eighteen high profile Mormons. The surprising and revealing commentaries are as varied as the people themselves.

Politics of gender and politics in general, guilt over unachievable perfection, and an inability to accept the basic tenets of Mormonism are among the thoughtful, often touching expressions by people who left active Mormonism to find their own personal path to salvation and meaning in life.

It is Ure's hope that this work will help "active" Mormon neighbors better understand their "wayward" friends. (from back cover)

Table of Contents


  1. Calvin L. Rampton
  2. Loneta M. Murphy
  3. William Mulder
  4. Levi S. Peterson
  5. Business Woman
  6. Stewart L. Udall
  7. Scott Burton
  8. Met Johnson
  9. Helen Bowring Ure
  10. Betty Condie
  11. Richard Brown
  12. Paul Rolly
  13. Shauna Adix
  14. Civic Worker
  15. Rod Decker
  16. Ardean Walton Watts
  17. Edwin Brown Firmage
  18. Government Administrator

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