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Product Code: XB067
Title: Kingdom on the Mississippi Revisited
Author: Ed. Roger D. Launius & John E. Hallwas
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Price: $30.00
Date: 1996
Pages: 282
Additional Info: Nauvoo in Mormon History


Fourteen essays dealing with one of the most controversial periods of Mormonism.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Roger D. Launius & John E. Hallwas
  1. The Significance of Nauvoo for Latter-day Saints - Ronald K. Esplin
  2. The Nauvoo Charter: A Reinterpretation - James L. Kimball Jr.
  3. The Nauvoo Legion, 1840-45: A Unique Military Organization - Hamilton Gardner
  4. The Political Kingdom of God as a Cause of Mormon-Gentile Conflict - Klaus J. Hansen
  5. The Nauvoo Neighborhood: A Little Philadelphia or a Unique City Set upon a Hill? - Kenneth W. Godfrey
  6. The Mormon Press in Nauvoo, 1839-46 - Terence A. Tanner
  7. Religion in Nauvoo: Some Reflections - Marvin S. Hill
  8. Mormon Polygamy: Belief and Practice in Nauvoo - Kathryn M. Daynes
  9. The Kingdom of God in Illinois: Politics in Utopia - Robert Bruce Flanders
  10. Mormon Nauvoo from a Non-Mormon Perspective - John E. Hallwas
  11. The Martyrdom of Joseph Smith in Early Mormon Writings - Davis Bitton
  12. The Lion and the Lady: Brigham Young and Emma Smith - Valeen Tippetts Avery & Linda King Newell
  13. From Assassination to Expulsion: Two Years of Distrust, Hostility, and Violence - Marshall Hamilton
  14. The Awesome Responsibility: Joseph Smith III and the Nauvoo Experience - Roger D. Launius
Bibliographical Essay - Roger D. Launius & John E. Hallwas

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