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Product Code: XB220
Title: The Keystone of Mormonism
Author: Arza Evans
Publisher: Keystone Publishing Inc.
List Price: $18.95
Our Price: $17.00
Date: 2003
Pages: 331
Additional Info:


"This book is a definitive analysis of The Book of Mormon (the keystone of Mormonism). It is scholarly and yet surprisingly readable. More than 600 references present convincing evidence that The Book of Mormon is not ancient American history but nineteenth century fiction.

"Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, declared his Book of Mormon to be "...the most correct of any book on earth." However, this careful study reveals a large number of serious errors. For example, his characters had access to spring steel, window glass, machinery, and submarines centuries before these things were invented. They also had horses, chariots, elephants, silk, and linen contrary to the claims of archaeologists, anthropologists, and other scientists. Smith's Nephites and Lamanites were alone here in their "promised land" despite overwhelming scientific proof that many other civilizations have been in America for thousands of years. Also, his "prophets" quoted Old and New Testament Prophets hundreds of years before these men were born in the Old World. The Keystone of Mormonism documents these and other serious errors in Smith's book." (From inside jacket.)

Table of Contents


  1. The Law of Moses and Christianity
  2. Tall Tales, A Fantasy World
  3. Beware of False Prophets
  4. Contradictory Doctrine
  5. Fictitious Translations
  6. Anachronisms and Imaginary Geography
  7. Conflicts with Scientific Facts
  8. Plagiarism from Other Books
  9. The Most Correct Book on Earth
  10. Credibility of Witnesses
  11. Reason vs. Testimony
  12. Social Pathology
  13. A Legacy of Deception
  14. The Outlaws
  15. A Lust for Power
  16. Mormonism vs. Traditional Christianity
  17. New Scripture
  18. Other Doubters

Appendix A, (Quotes from the Nauvoo Expositor)
Appendix B, (Who Has Been Hurt by Mormonism?)
Appendix C, (Our Cast of Characters)

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