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Product Code: XB291
Title: Journey from Mormonism
Author: Christine Carroll
Publisher: Lulu
Price: $23.00
Date: 2008
Pages: 236
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(From back cover.)

Journey from Mormonism has special value in expressing the experiences of a thoughtful young Mormon girl, wife, and mother Some books compare the basic doctrine, others describe conversion experiences. But few combine their experiences with relevant research in LDS sources as well as this. I recommend this for the LDS and Christians who need an experience-related introduction to critical research on LDS history, doctrine and practice.

Gordon R. Lewis, Sr. Professor
Denver Seminary

Table of Contents

Mormon Challenges
Readers Guide

  1. Background
    • Honoring God
    • Salvation Through Joseph Smith
    • Judging Non-Mormons
    • Receiving the Priesthood
    • Loving the Book of Mormon
    • Activity in the Church
    • Laboring in Works
    • Saving and Communicating with the Dead
    • Achieving Eternal Exaltation
  2. Jehovah's Witnesses Challenge Me
    • Adam God
    • Wedding in the Temple
    • My Zeal
  3. Humpty Dumpty
    • Building Up My Faith
    • "Adam" —Again?
    • Palatine, Illinois
    • Doctrine and Covenants
    • Stirs Me Again
    • To the Library
  4. An Inherited Mind-Set
    • Parental Guidance
    • Superior Claims
  5. Changing God and Scripture
    • The Standard Works Defined
    • The Doctrine and Covenants
    • The Pearl of Great Price
    • Writings of Joseph Smith 1 and 2
    • The Mormon Articles of Faith
    • More Mormon Scripture
    • Watch the Mormon God Evolve
  6. False Prophets and Apostles
    • False Prophecies Make False Prophets
    • Reinventing Zion
    • Contradictory Teachings of Mormon Prophets
    • Christ Returns to the Garden of Eden — in Missouri?
  7. Eyes on the Bible
    • I Replaced My LDS View of the Bible
    • Supposed Contradictions
  8. Living Oracles Confess Another Jesus
    • What About a Relationship With Christ?
    • The Non-Biblical View of Jesus' Pre-existence
    • Was Jesus a Product of a Virgin Birth?
    • Jesus Married? A Polygamist Too?
    • The Blood of Jesus
    • Who Forgives Sins?
    • Atonement at Gethsemane?
    • Honor and Exalt the Son, Even as the Father!
  9. The Gods Concocted a Plan
    • A Mythical Pre-existence
    • The Place of The Fall
    • Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel
    • Women's Place in Mormon Heaven
    • Men's Place in Mormon Heaven
    • No Worry — AlI is Well in Zion and Hell?
    • Redefining Creation, God and Humans
    • The Question of Polytheism
    • Implications of Remaining Polytheists
    • Mormon Alleged Proof-texts
    • The Living Prophet and the First Presidency
  10. Where Do You Get Your Authority?
    • The First Vision
    • Empty Claims to Priesthood Restoration
    • Proper Lineage and Race?
    • Aaronic Priesthood
    • Melchizedek Priesthood
  11. The Sixth Mormon Article of Faith
    • What is The Church and Who Belongs to It?
    • The Church Name: A Sign of The True Church?
    • Church Organization
    • Messiah Jesus
    • The True Church Forever
  12. Temples and Temple Work 101
    • Revealed Confusion
    • Offensive to God
    • Changes in the Mormon Temple Ceremony
  13. The Book of Mormon
    • An Empty Book
    • Other Problems
    • More Absurdities
    • Occultic Origins?
    • Biblical Support for the Book of Mormon?
    • National Geographic and the Smithsonian
    • DNA
    • Two Popular Book of Mormon Verses
  14. Laughing and Crying
    • Question the Brethren?
    • Joseph Smith the Ego Man
    • Mormon Potpourri
  15. Mormon Hymns
    • Dora North Explains
    • Jeanette Tuxhorn Adds More
  16. Family Departure
    • I Wanted Out and Counted the Cost
    • A Saving Prayer
    • A Remedial Twist
    • My Husband Explains
    • Our Children
    • Valerie Tells Her Story
    • Angela's Friend — No Friend
    • A Curious and Disconcerting Observation
    • A Christian Service
    • Remove Our Names From the Church Records. Please!
  17. The Triunity of God: A Heresy?
    • Two Great Heresies
    • Two Fundamental Themes
    • Thayer's Greek Lexicon and Strong's Concordance
    • Humanity of Jesus — A Great Mystery
    • Fulness of God's Revealed Person
    • The Greek word Protokos
    • Foolish Plan?
    • Embrace the Name of the Lord
  18. Grace: A Heresy?
    • My Nightmare
    • Striving
    • The Greek word Tetelestai
    • The Greek word Dikaloo
  19. The Book Of Life
    • What is Truth?
    • Heaven or Hell?
    • The Never-ending Culmination
  20. The Real Self
    • Nicodemus
    • The Old and New Creation
    • Anathema — God's Curses
    • Filters
  21. Surrendering
    • Doubts and Fears
    • The Developing Room
    • Counting the Cost
    • The Truth is at Stake Here
    • Mormonism in a Nutshell
    • Why I Oppose Mormonism
    • Taking Offense
    • Be Encouraged!
  22. Reconciliation
    • Justice and The Fall
    • The Protevangelium
    • How to Receive Salvation


  • Terminology Differences
  • Mormon Plan of Eternal Progression
  • Mormon Glossary
  • The Biblical Gospel / LDS Gospel
  • Adam-God — Journal of Discourses
  • Denouncing Adam-God, Kimball Article
  • Denouncing Adam-God — England Letter
  • Brigham Young's Tie Clasp
  • Blacks and the Priesthood, Journal of Discourses
  • How Many in the Godhead?, Lectures on Faith
  • Polygamy — a necessity to God hood, Journal of Discourses
  • Marriage of Jesus, Joseph F. Smith's Letter
  • Blood Atonement, Journal of Discourses
  • First Vision, Joseph Smith's Handwriting
  • First Vision Comparisons
  • Condemns Polygamy, Doctrine and Covenants
  • Salt Lake Temple Decorated with Satanic Symbols
  • Flaws in the Pearl of Great Price
  • Min is not God!
  • Doctrine and Covenants Changes — sample
  • Archeology and the Book of Mormon, National Geographic
  • Archeology and the Book of Mormon, Smithsonian Institute
  • Grace and Trinity a Heresy — McConkie Article
  • Governor Ford Prophecy
  • Joseph Smith — the Glass Looker, Justice Albert Neely
  • Articles of Faith: Original and Current
  • More Accurate Articles of Faith
  • Biblical Defense of Truth
  • Qualifications to Serve God
  • Mormon Priesthood Secrets Chart
  • First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood
  • Second Token of the Aaronic / First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood
  • Second Token of the Melchizedeck Priesthood

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