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Product Code: UB009
Title: Joseph Smith's History By His Mother
Author: Lucy Mack Smith
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $8.00
Date: 1853
Pages: 297
Additional Info:

The Book Brigham Young Tried To Destroy Reprint of the 1853 Ed.

Original title: Biographical sketches of Joseph Smith the prophet, and his progenitors for many generations. By Lucy Smith, mother of the prophet.


Includes a 15-page introduction by Jerald and Sandra Tanner. Important information on Joseph's early life.

Table of Contents


  1. Solomon Mack, the Father of Lucy Mack—Extract from his Narrative
  2. History of Jason Mack
  3. Lovisa and Lovina Mack
  4. Life of Stephen Mack
  5. Lydia Mack, third daughter of Solomon Mack
  6. Daniel Mack—He rescues three men from a watery grave
  7. Solomon Mack
  8. Early Life of Lucy Mack—Her Marriage with Joseph Smith
  9. Seven Generations of the Smith Family—Four Generations of the Mack Family
  10. A Present of one thousand dollars, from John Mudget and Stephen Mack, to the Author
  11. Sickness in Randolph
  12. Joseph Smith, Senior, loses his property, and becomes poor—Receives a visit from Jason Mack—The History of the latter concluded
  13. The Author's Dream
  14. First Vision of Joseph Smith, Senior—The Box—Second Vision—The Tree and the Spacious Building
  15. Sickness at Lebanon—Sophronia's miraculous recovery
  16. The Sufferings of Joseph Smith, Junior, with a fever sore—Extraction of large fragments of bone from one of his legs
  17. Joseph Smith, Senior, removes to Norwich, thence to Palmyra—His Dream of the Images—of the Judgment
  18. History of Joseph the Prophet commences—Seventh Vision of Joseph Smith, Senior
  19. The Angel visits Joseph again—Joseph tells his father what he has seen and heard—He is permitted to behold the Plates—Receives further instructions—Communicates the same to the family—Takes the Plates into his hands—They are taken from him, and he is reproved—His disappointment
  20. Alvin's sickness and death
  21. Religious excitement—Joseph's prophecy—He works for Mr. Stoal—Becomes acquainted with Emma Hale
  22. Joseph Smith, Senior, loses his farm—Joseph, Junior, is married—Has another interview with the Angel, by whom he is chastised—Receives further instructions
  23. Joseph obtains the Plates
  24. Joseph brings home the Breast-plate—Martin Harris and his wife introduced—The Translation commences—Mrs. Harris begins to oppose the work
  25. Martin Harris is permitted to take the Manuscript home with him—He loses it—The season of mourning which ensued
  26. Martin Harris's perfidy
  27. The Urim and Thummim are taken from Joseph—He receives them again
  28. Oliver Cowdery commences writing for Joseph—They attend to the ordinance of Baptism
  29. Mrs. Harris prosecutes Joseph
  30. Joseph and Oliver remove to Waterloo—They finish the Translation
  31. The Plates are shown to Twelve Witnesses—Joseph makes arrangements for printing the Book of Mormon
  32. The printing is begun—A meeting of the citizens held in reference to the Book
  33. Esquire Cole's Dogberry Paper—Second meeting of the citizens
  34. The Church organized
  35. Joseph Smith, Senior, and Don Carlos visist Stockholm
  36. Joseph Smith, Senior, imprisoned—An attempt to take Hyrum
  37. The family of Joseph Smith, Senior, remove to Waterloo
  38. The first Western Mission—Joseph Smith, Junior, moves to Kirtland
  39. The different branches of the Church remove to Kirtland—Miracle at Buffalo
  40. Samuel Smith's first mission to Missouri
  41. Lucy Smith visits Detroit
  42. An Extract from the History of Joseph the Prophet—Sidney Rigdon's transgression—Trouble in Jackson county
  43. Lucy Smith builds a School-house—Joseph and Hyrum return from Missouri—They rehearse the history of their trouble
  44. The Lord's house at Kirtland commenced—A letter from the Prophet to his uncle Silas
  45. The House of the Lord completed—A division in the Church
  46. Joseph Smith, Senior, and his brother John go on a Mission to the east—The death of Jerusha Smith
  47. The Persecution revives—Don Carlos and his father fly from their enemies—Joseph moves to Missouri
  48. Joseph Smith, Senior, moves with his family to Missouri—Commencement of the Persecution in Caldwell
  49. Testimony of Hyrum Smith
  50. Removal of the Smith family to Illinois
  51. Joseph and Hyrum escape from their persecutors, and return to their families
  52. A purchase made in the town of Commerce—Joseph the Prophet goes to Washington—The death of Joseph Smith, Senior
  53. Joseph arrested at Quincy—Discharged at Monmouth—Joseph charged with an attempt to assassinate ex-Governor Boggs
  54. Joseph and Hyrum assassinated


  • A Journal kept by Don C. Smith while on a mission with George A. Smith, his cousin
  • Letters of Don C. Smith to his wife, Agnes
  • Elegy on the death of Joseph Smith, Senior, the Patriarch
  • Lines on the death of Don Carlos Smith
  • Lines written on the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith

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