Joseph Smith's 1828-1843 Revelations

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Product Code: XB160
Title: Joseph Smith's 1828-1843 Revelations
Author: H. Michael Marquardt
Publisher: Xulon Press
Price: $25.50
Date: 2013
Pages: 325
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From back cover:

Joseph Smith (1805-1844), was the founding prophet of Mormonism. Smith claimed revelations and established his church in Manchester, Ontario County, New York (USA). Most of the early revelations were written for his followers. To understand Mormonism it is necessary to know something about its founder. His stories and revelations are the bases of this movement. From Smith comes the religious authority for all fragments of the Latter-day Saint movement. More importantly some of his commandments were revised and expanded. The emendations included reinterpretation of economic matters, adding offices that existed at the time of revision, and inserting references to priesthood restoration. Comparison with the second printing is included in the volume. Joseph Smith's 1828-1843 Revelations contains public and private revelatory documents from handwritten manuscripts, including the newly released Book of Commandments and Revelations. The Canadian copyright revelation, long rumored to be in existence, receives special attention. Two revelations on plural marriage are in the book. Joseph Smith made changes to his revelations and his early story. This book shows the transformation over time of church doctrine.

Table of Contents

Preface and New Manuscript Source
Early Years of Joseph Smith's life
Common Abbreviations
Writings Not Included in this Study
Map of Mormon Country

  1. Historical Background
    1. Evolution of the Canon
  2. The Documents
    1. Book of Mormon Period, July 1828 - March 1830
    2. Laying the Foundation, April 1830 - January 1831
    3. Receiving the Laws, February 1831 - September 1831
    4. Publishing the Revelations, October 1831 - April 1832
    5. Priesthood Developement, August 1832 - April 1834
    6. Church of the Latter Day Saints Period, May 1834 - April 1838
    7. Early Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Period, April 1838 - November 1843


  1. A Commandment to Oliver Cowdery Received in 1829

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