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Product Code: XB183
Title: Joseph Smith and Muhammad
Author: Eric Johnson
Publisher: Mormonism Research Ministry
Price: $4.00
Date: 1998
Pages: 36
Additional Info: A characteristic comparison between the leaders of Mormonism and Islam.


"On the surface, there may not seem to be many similarities between Mormonism and Islam. The two religions were founded in two completely different time periods in opposite sides of the world. Yet when the founders of the two faiths are compared, a number of interesting parallels can be made. Muhammad, Islam's founder, and Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion, had similar experiences in their lives. In addition, their personalities were closely matched in more than one area, and their followers accepted them as literal prophets who were sent directly from God. In this booklet, Eric Johnson takes a look at 20 similarities between these religious leaders. While the results do not prove or disprove either faith, you may find them to be quite astonishing." (From back cover.)

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