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Product Code: XB243
Title: Inside Today's Mormonism
Author: Richard Abanes
Publisher: Harvest House
List Price: $16.99
Our Price: $15.50
Date: 2004
Pages: 463
Additional Info: Note: Content is the same as its previous title—Becoming Gods.


"If you're confused about Mormonism, you're not alone. More and more, the religion of the Latter-day Saints has changed so that it seems to resemble mainstream Christianity—and this leads to misunderstanding and conflict when you interact with Mormon friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

"Richard Abanes's thorough yet accessible approach helps you understand not only what today's Mormons believe, but also how they think about and defend their faith. The award-winning journalist offers the results of his research into many key teachings and beliefs, such as—

  • who God is, who Jesus is, and how human beings can progress to godhood
  • why Joseph Smith and his visions have a central place in the hearts of Mormons
  • what role the Book of Mormon and other authoritative writings play in LDS beliefs
  • how Mormons deal with evangelicals' criticism of their faith
  • how you can effectively talk to 21st-century Mormons about their religion

"Inside Today's Mormonism shows you how to weigh this religion's ever-changing claims, as well as how you can graciously live out God's love in your interactions with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents

"Can't We All Just Get Along?"


  1. God's Latter-day Prophet
  2. And It Came to Pass
  3. Thus Saith Joseph
  4. One God Versus Many Gods
  5. Heavenly Father Is a Man
  6. Siblings from Eternity Past
  7. After All We Can Do
  8. Ye Are Gods
  9. More Than One Wife
  10. The "Christian" Question
  • Appendix A: More on Polygamy
  • Appendix B: Mormon Questions
  • Appendix C: The Biblical Trinity
  • Appendix D: "Why I Am a Mormon" by Daniel C. Peterson

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