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Product Code: XB109
Title: How to Understand Your Bible
Author: T. Norton Sterrett
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Price: $19.00
Date: 1974
Pages: 179
Additional Info: Over 100,000 In Print!


Presents the general rules for reading the Bible's ordinary language and the specific principles that apply to special types of language such as parables, figures of speech and prophecy. Concludes with an important discussion of how the Bible applies to our daily lives.

Table of Contents

I. Basic Considerations

  1. Personal Bible Study Is a Must
  2. Who Can Understand the Bible?
  3. The Importance of Proper Understanding
  4. The Point of Departure
  5. Using the Right Tools
  6. How to Proceed

II. General Principles

  1. Considering the Context
  2. Understanding the Words
  3. Understanding the Grammar
  4. Grasping the Author's Intention
  5. Studying the Background
  6. Interpreting Scripture by Scripture

III. Special Principles

  1. Figures of Speech
  2. Symbols
  3. Types
  4. Parables and Allegories
  5. Hebrew Idioms
  6. Hebrew Poetry
  7. Prophecy
  8. Doctrine
  9. The Relation of the Old and New Testaments

IV. Personal Application

  1. Responding to God's Word

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