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Product Code: UP009
Title: History of the Mormons
Author: Samuel M. Smucker
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $43.50
Date: 1881
Pages: 466
Additional Info: Photocopy of Original 1881 Ed.


History of Mormonism from its beginnings through Brigham Young's life by a non-Mormon.

Table of Contents


  1. Birth and Parentage of Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet
  2. The Book of Doctrines and Covenants
  3. First Persecutions of the Sect
  4. Journey of the Prophet into Missouri
  5. Establishment of the Sect in Illinois
  6. Growth of Nauvoo
  7. The Prophet's Funeral
  8. Departure of the Mormons for the Great Salt Lake Valley
  9. Brigham Young's Address to the Saints throughout the World
  10. Mormonism: its Present State, and Social, Political, and Religious Aspect
  11. First Settlement of the Mormons in the Utah Territory
  12. The Gladdenites
  13. Disciples Flocking to Utah

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