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Product Code: XB137
Title: Hearts Made Glad: The Charges of Intemperance Against Joseph Smith the Mormon Prophet
Author: LaMar Petersen
Publisher: LaMar Petersen
Price: $5.00
Date: 1975
Pages: 258
Additional Info:


A close look at the development of the Word of Wisdom. Examines the statements and testimonies of scores of witnesses and redactors regarding Smith's interest in "the fruit of the vine."

Table of Contents


  1. Prefatory Profile: Joseph Smith—Sponge or King?
  2. Palmyra: En Vino Veritas
  3. The Land of Shinehah: Wine Into Water
  4. The Temple of Promise: And the Grapes of Chagrin
  5. The Land of Inheritance: Judge, Jail, and Jug
  6. Nauvoo the Beautiful: Wine, Woman, and Woe
  7. Epilogue: And the End Is Not Yet

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