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Product Code: XB244
Title: God's Brothel
Author: Andrea Moore-Emmett
Publisher: Pince-Nez Press
List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $15.00
Date: 2004
Pages: 236
Additional Info: The extortion of sex for salvation in contemporary Mormon and Christian fundamentalist polygamy and the stories of 18 women who escaped.


"A chilling indictment of contemporary Mormon and Christian fundamentalist polygamy. God's Brothel reveals gruesome facts about Bible-based polygamy through the brave voices of 18 women who escaped from 10 of the 11 main religious groups as well as independent families. Their stories include rape, incest, orgies and violence, making this form of polygamy more akin to sexual slavery than to any quaint religious or lifestyle choice." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Contemporary Polygamy in America

The Underpinnings of Mormon Polygamy
Contemporary Mormon and Christian-based Polygamy
Prosecution of Polygamy
Religious Freedom or Freedom to Exploit?
Polygamy Beyond Utah and Mormons
The Current Legal Maze
The Lure of Polygamy and Other Fundamentalism
The Oppression of Women and Abuse of Children

PART TWO: The Women Who Escaped

  1. Vicky
  2. Rowenna
  3. Lillian
  4. Stacy
  5. Laura
  6. Carmen
  7. Allison
  8. Janice
  9. Cora
  10. Brenda
  11. Connie
  12. Cindy
  13. Sylvia
  14. Sherrie
  15. Leona
  16. Wendy
  17. Tammy
  18. Sarah

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