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Product Code: XB042
Title: Forgotten Kingdom: The Mormon Theocracy in the American West 1847-1896
Author: David L. Bigler
Publisher: Utah State University
List Price: $32.95
Our Price: $30.00
Date: 1998
Pages: 411
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Excellent history of early Utah. Tells of Mormon church leaders' efforts to establish in Utah an independent, theocratic Kingdom of God and of the resulting struggle with national republican ideology and the federal government.

Table of Contents


  1. A Broad Open Valley
  2. Founding the Kingdom
  3. Early Indian Wars
  4. The Kingdom Sovereign
  5. The Handcart Disaster
  6. The Great Reformation
  7. Utah in Rebellion
  8. An Awful Tale of Blood
  9. Peace But No Peace
  10. The Ghost Government of Deseret
  11. The California Volunteers
  12. Of Mines, Murder, and Land
  13. The New Social Order
  14. The Impending Conflict
  15. A Time of Trials
  16. Marshals and Cohabs
  17. Americanization of the Kingdom

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