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Product Code: XB250
Title: Fast Facts on the Masonic Lodge
Author: John Ankerberg & John Weldon
Publisher: Harvest House
Price: $12.00
Date: 2004
Pages: 153
Additional Info:


"As the friend or relative of a Mason, have you been concerned about the demands of the Lodge—and the effects of the Lodge's teaching—on the person you know and love?

"As a Mason, are you unsure about the real meaning of the oaths you swore? Do you sometimes worry about what those oaths have committed you to?

"In their easy-to-follow question-and-answer style, noted researchers John Ankerberg and John Weldon help you figure out whether Masonry and Christianity are compatible. Carefully and thoroughly examining Masonic sources and clarifying the Lodge's claims and terminology, they ask,

  • Is Freemasonry a religion?
  • What does Masonry teach about Jesus Christ?
  • Is the God of the Bible also the God of the Lodge?
  • What can Masons do if they're disturbed over conflicts between the beliefs of Freemasonry and Christianity?

"This straightforward, practical guide will help you understand one of North America's most widespread organizations in light of the clear teaching of the Bible." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents

The Importance of Understanding What Masonry Really Teaches
A Word to Masons

Section I: Introduction to Masonry

  1. What is Masonry and How Influential Is It?
  2. What Is the Final Authority for the Teachings Presented in Each Masonic Lodge?
  3. Which Books and Authors Have Been Recommended by the Grand Lodges as Being Authoritative Interpreters for Masonry?
  4. What Are the Blue Lodge, the Scottish Rite, and the York Rite, and What Other Organizations Are Associated with Masonry?
  5. What Are the Different Levels of Spiritual Enlightenment in Masonry?

Section II: Masonry and the Plan of Salvation

  1. Does the Masonic Lodge Teach Its Members a Nonbiblical Plan of Salvation?
  2. Do the Beginning Degrees of the Masonic Lodge Teach Salvation by Works?
  3. What Is the Biblical Response to Masonic Teaching?
  4. What Do Authoritative Masonic Literature and Former Masons Acknowledge About the Lodge and Salvation?
  5. Do Many Masons Deny that Masonry Teaches Salvation by Works?

Section III: The Religion of Masonry

  1. Do Masons Insist that Masonry Is Not a Religion?
  2. By Requiring Its Members to Believe in a Supreme Being, Does Masonry Fit Webster's Definition of a Religion?
  3. By Requiring Its Members to Obey God, Does Masonry Fit Webster's Definition of a Religion?
  4. By Requiring Its Members to Worship God as the Creator and Ruler of the Universe, Does Masonry Fit Webster's Definition of a Religion?
  5. By Requiring Its Members to Express Belief in God in Conduct and Ritual, Does Masonry Fit Webster's Definition of a Religion?
  6. Do Many Leading Masons Admit that Masonry Is a Religion?
  7. Does Masonry Teach that It Is the One True Religion on Earth?

Section IV: The Bible of Masonry

  1. Is the Holy Bible Really the "Great Light in Masonry" and the Rule and Guide for Masonic Faith and Practice?
  2. What Does the Bible Actually Symbolize in Masonry?
  3. What Are Six Distinct Teachings of Masonry About the Bible?
  4. What Did Jesus and the Writers of the Scriptures Teach About the Bible?
  5. Can Christian Masons Believe Both the Bible and Masonic Teachings About the Bible?

Section V: The God of Masonry

  1. Does Masonry Teach that Masons of Contrary Religious Persuasions Actually Worship the Same Deity?
  2. Do Masons Teach that the One True God Is the God of Masonry?
  3. Does Masonry Specifically Reject the Christian God?
  4. Is the God of Masonry Unapproachable and Unknowable?
  5. Does Masonry Reject the Christian Concept of God's Triune Nature?
  6. Do Masons Refer to Their God Using Names of Heathen Gods that Are Condemned in the Bible?
  7. Can Christian Masons Follow the Biblical God and Also Believe Masonic Teachings About Deity?

Section VI: Masonry and Jesus Christ

  1. Does Masonry Delete the Name of Christ from Its Prayers and Scripture Quotations?
  2. Are Prayers in the Name of Christ Forbidden in the Lodge?
  3. Does Masonry Require that Christians Disobey Jesus Christ by Prohibiting Any Discussion of Him During Lodge Activity?
  4. Does Masonry Bestow Christ's Divine Titles and Offices upon Unsaved Men in the Lodge?
  5. Does Masonry Deny the Deity of Jesus Christ?
  6. Does Masonry Deny the Role of Christ as Savior and Teach that the Christian Message of Divine Redemption Is a Corruption of Pagan Stories?
  7. What Does the Bible Teach About Jesus Christ, and What Does This Mean for Christian Masons?

Section VII: Masonry and Christians

  1. Is There Any Harmony Between Masonry and Christianity?
  2. If a Christian Has Sworn Oaths Promising to Uphold the Truths of Masonry, What Should He Do?

What Does Masonry Really Offer?

Appendix A: What Is the Problem of Masonic Brotherhood?
Appendix B: What Is the Continuing Predicament of the Southern Baptists?
Appendix C: How Can a Mason Receive a Demit from the Masonic Lodge?
Appendix D: How Will Masons Respond to This Book?

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