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Product Code: XB222
Title: Fast Facts on Mormonism
Author: John Ankerberg & John Weldon
Publisher: Harvest House
Price: $12.00
Date: 2003
Pages: 168
Additional Info:


"The Mormon Church's wholesome image and its emphasis on family, social programs, and moral practices seem to indicate an ideal Christian organization. But what lies beneath the surface? Drawing on Christian, Mormon, and secular studies, researchers John Ankerberg and John Weldon unravel Mormon claims to...

  • represent true Christianity
  • worship the God of the Bible
  • believe in the biblical Jesus
  • teach the true Gospel
  • honor the Bible as God's Word

"From Mormon sources, Ankerberg and Weldon reveal actual Mormon beliefs that—

  • biblical Christianity is spiritually corrupted
  • men can become gods
  • Jesus' death didn't fully atone for our sins
  • God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are three separate gods
  • the Bible is translated incorrectly; it is not God's full revelation to man

"Using an easy-to-follow question-and-answer format, Fast Facts on Mormonism uncovers the major differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents

Authors' Note

Section I - Introduction

  1. Why Is Mormonism Important?
  2. How Influential Is Mormonism?
  3. How Did Mormonism Begin, and Who Was Joseph Smith?

Section II - The Book of Mormon

  1. Was the Book of Mormon Produced by Occult Methods?
  2. Do Human Sources in the Book of Mormon Disqualify Its Claims to Divine Revelation?
  3. Does the Science of Archaeology Support the Book of Mormon?
  4. How Credible Is the Manuscript Evidence for the Book of Mormon?
  5. Does the Book of Mormon Teach Mormon Doctrines?

Section III - Contradictions and False Prophecies in Mormon Scriptures

  1. Are There Contradictions in Mormon Doctrines?
  2. Are There Contradictions Between the Bible's Teachings and Mormon Doctrines?
  3. Was Joseph Smith a True Prophet of God?

Section IV - Mormonism and Christianity

  1. Does Mormonism Believe in One God?
  2. What Does Mormonism Believe About the Biblical Trinity?
  3. Was God Once a Man?
  4. What Does Mormonism Teach About Jesus Christ?
  5. What Does Mormonism Teach About Salvation by Grace?
  6. What Does the Bible Teach About Salvation by Grace?
  7. What Does Mormonism Teach About the Atonement of Christ?
  8. Is Mormonism an Occult Religion?

Section V - A Critique of the LDS Claim to Be Christian

  1. Is the Mormon Claim to Be Christian an Unintentional Misinforming?
  2. What Have Others Said About Mormonism Being a Christian Religion?
  3. What Are the Real Mormon Beliefs About Christianity?
  4. What Are Some Helps on Talking with Mormons?

Section VI - Miscellaneous Issues

  1. What Is the Fruit of Mormonism?
  2. What is FARMS?
  3. Do the New LDS Scholarship, Evangelical Responses, and LDS/Evangelical Dialogue Need Work?
  4. How Credible Is LDS Scholarship?
  5. Who Defines LDS Faith?

Doctrinal Summary
Mormon "Articles of Faith"

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