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Product Code: UB005
Title: Evolution of the Mormon Temple Ceremony: 1842-1990
Author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $6.00
Date: 1990 (Updated in 2005)
Pages: 184
Additional Info:

Includes the Complete Text of the 1990 Endowment Ceremony and a Study of All the Recent Changes

Digital Book Version Available


Contains the actual text of the 1990 revision of the highly secret endowment ritual and other accounts of the ceremony dating back to 1846. Shows that Joseph Smith borrowed from Masonry in creating the ritual and that it has evolved over the years. Also shows all of the serious changes made in the ceremony in 1990.

Table of Contents

Evolution of the Temple Ceremony

  • Temple Ritual Altered
  • Revealed by God
  • Free Agency?
  • Secrets Leak Out
  • No More Penalties
  • Oath of Vengeance
  • Too Close For Comfort
  • Important Omission
  • Devil's Minister Gone
  • Oath of Obedience
  • Other Recent Changes
  • The Missing Lecture
  • Unusual Elements
  • Washing and Anointing
  • Women Initially Banned
  • Sealing Men to Men
  • Altering the Garments
  • Peter, James and John
  • Revelation or Accommodation?
  • A Bad Experience?
  • Why Temples?
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A—Changes in the Temple Ceremony: A Comparison of the 1984 Version With the 1990 Revision
  • Appendix B—The 1990 Revised Version of the Temple Ceremony
  • Appendix C—The Temple Ceremony and Masonry
  • Appendix D—The Mormon Endowment, 1847
  • Appendix E—Hand-Book on Mormonism, 1882
  • Appendix F—Temple Mormonism, 1931

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