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Product Code: XB198
Title: The Essential James E. Talmage
Editor: James P. Harris
Publisher: Signature Books
Price: $15.00
Date: 1997
Pages: 289
Additional Info:


"The Essential James E. Talmage celebrates one of Mormonism's preeminent theologians. Elder Talmage served as an apostle for twenty-two years and wrote such widely-known books as The Great Apostasy and The House of the Lord. He was a serious scientist, with his own thoughts on evolution and the antiquity of human beings. In this volume he tells his own story through selected lectures and journal entries featuring his views on science and religion and the theological discussions that preceded The Articles of Faith and Jesus the Christ. His counsel that church members stay "up-to-date" is reflected in his own writing." (From back cover.)

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

  1. "An Unusual Accompaniment to a Baptism"
  2. Science and Religion
  3. "The Effects of Narcotics upon the System"
  4. "The Birth and Growth of the Earth"
  5. "The Theory of Evolution"
  6. "My Study of Astrology"
  7. Four Blessings Given to James E. Talmage
  8. "The Articles of Faith"
  9. The Articles of Faith, First Edition
  10. "Items on Polygamy--Omitted from the Published Book"
  11. "The Methods and Motives of Science"
  12. "An Inspiring Thought"
  13. "Lord of All"
  14. Calling and Ordination to the Apostleship
  15. "The Significance of Easter"
  16. "The Need for Modern Revelation"
  17. "Our Bodies, Gifts from God"
  18. "A Greeting to the Missionaries"
  19. "The Honor and Dignity of Priesthood"
  20. "Latter-day Saints and the Bible
  21. "The Eternity of Sex"
  22. "The Son of Man"
  23. "The Philosophical Basis of 'Mormonism' "
  24. Jesus the Christ
  25. "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder"
  26. "A Fulfilment of Prophecy"
  27. "The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven"
  28. "There Are Four States, Combinations, or Stages in the Advancement of the Individual Soul"
  29. " 'Mormonism and the War' "
  30. "Judiciary System of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"
  31. The Lord's Tenth
  32. "The Purpose in the Creation of the World"
  33. "The Book of Mormon and the Book of Isaiah"
  34. "Idolatry and Adultery"
  35. "Beware of Deception"
  36. The Evolution Controversy
  37. "The Earth and Man"
  38. "The Need for Religion"
  39. "Timeliness"
  40. "Priesthood--Decline of the Primitive Church


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